Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Recall the eternal efforts of Louis Braille on the worlds Braille day regarding the blind people

Every year 4th January is celebrated as the world Braille day, on the birthday of Louis Braille who was the inventor of Braille script to help visually impaired and blind people. This day recalls the bestowal enriched efforts of Louise Braille in assisting blind people to read and write. Louis Braille born in France and he became blind accidentally at the age of 3 years old. Even he become visually impaired, he had  learned  the skills of writing and reading with his esteemed determination and great efforts. Braille invented Braille code at the age of 15 only.

      Before the Braille code, Hauy system was in usage to teach the visually impaired people. This was the toughest system. It required more time period for training and allowed the people to read only not to write. So Braille developed an easier tactical set of symbols with raised dots on a piece of paper. While people were touching the code on the paper with their finger tips, they recognized the symbols with the sense of feeling by touch. He implemented this symbolic language not only restricted for alphabets but also developed symbols for music. Still Braille language is in usage. Now a days there are different formats of Braille is available to teach blind people. World Braille day is not a holiday. NGOs across the world organizes many events for conceive awareness regarding the problems of visually disabled people and support to these people for getting more opportunities economically and socially.

- By Sruthi

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