Friday, 18 January 2019

Slipper making business

Any individual can initiate slipper making business on small scale basis. Slippers are considered as household consumer durable item and are used by everyone. Slipper making machinery According to the product specification and desired production output, you will need to select the right machinery.

Main machinery is as follows

1 Flat bed sewing machine with motor ,stand and table clutch type .
2 Drilling machine .
3 Combined finishing machine .
4 stapling machine .
5 plastic last .
6 Cutting dies of different sizes and shapes .
7 hand operated tools and equipment.

Raw materials for slipper making

The major raw materials are rubber sheet and strap. You will also need to procure the packaging consumables. First of all obtain the micro cellular sheet from other units. Then give them the desired shape with the help of cutting machine . Also you obtain straps from other units . Thereafter fix the straps to the chappals with the help of foot operated machine . To give finishing touches to it ,put the straps in finishing machine . After the quality check of these chappals pack them in polythene bag. Finally despatch them to the markets. At present no quality specifications for slippers are available. But for export order its provided by buyers only. So this about slipper making business .

- By Poorvi Bellap

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