Friday, 8 February 2019

National Army day

Army day of India is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year on 15th of January. Its celebrated every year at all the Army Command headquarters by organising army parades including many other military shows . President, Prime Minister and other dignitaries greet the Indian Army on the occasion and thank them for their vigilance and alertness . It was first time in indian history that a woman officer led an Army contingent on Army day Parade. Bhawana kasturi became the first woman officer leading a contingent comprising of 144 male officers . Indian Army has also organised video making ,painting, photography, slogan writing competitions on the occasion of Army day .The best entries are awarded with prize money . 

Why Army day is celebrated 

It is celebrated to pay homage and salute the brave indian soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for protecting the country . Indian army soldiers are always ready to fight with all the hard times at Indian borders and also natural disasters . They courageously face all the challenges that come in their way to save the nation and people . A day was decided to be celebrated as the army day in India to start paying tribute to the sacrificed Indian army soldiers at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate in New Delhi. After paying homage a parade including military shows take place to showcase the new technologies and accomplishments in the Indian Army . Bravery awards and Sena medals are distributed on this occasion. This day has been marked as an remembrance to the daring and bold Indian soldiers who lost their lives while protecting the nation. Serving Indian Armies take a pledge at this day to maintain their service to the nation and protect the nation from enemies whether they are foreign or domestic . Indian Army is one the best forces inthe world . It has the ability to handle any external and internal threat . Overall it can be said that Indian Army is the soul of our country .

- By Poorvi Bellap

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