Friday, 8 February 2019

The world wetlands day is celebrated on 2nd February

Annually, we celebrate February 2nd is a world wetlands day. This day remembers the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands in the Iranian city, Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian sea on the date of 2nd February in1971. The main reason for this establishment is to raise the awareness about the esteem, value of wetlands for humanity and the planet. Since 1997, world wetlands day has celebrated to increase the awareness regarding the value of wetlands.

                  Every year, government agencies as well as non-governmental organizations, and other groups of citizens of all levels of the community, have worked together to improve the public awareness about wetland values and its benefits. Some of the benefits about wetlands are the enriched source of biologically diverse ecosystems which support the habitation for many kinds of species against the disasters like storms and flooding, another thing is wetlands provide the great facility of naturally filter water by breaking down or transforming harmful pollutants. The theme of world wetlands day 2019 is wetlands and Climate change

- By Sruthi

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