Friday, 8 February 2019

World Consumer Rights day

World Consumer Rights day is an annual occasion for celebration and solidarity within the international consumer movement . Consumer rights was first celebrated on March 15 1983. WCD serves as an opportunity to proclaim the rights of consumer to demand respect and protection from market abuses . It serves to drive home the message that undermining the consumer rights are tantamount to social injustice. 

Consumer rights 

Right to safety –  It protects the consumer from products ,manufacturing practices or services that could be detrimental to the health or life of the individual consumer. To ensure this right ,its the consumers responsibility to use the product for its intended purpose and properly follow instructions and warnings . 

Right to information -  The right to be informed requires that companies supply all of the information that would be necessary to make an intelligent decision about purchasing a particular product . Consumers are responsible for analysing the information . 

Right to choose ensures that consumers are able to choose from a variety of products and services. Consumers are responsible for comparing all the prices before making decisions and identify differences from similar products . 

Right to Redress ensures that customers have an avenue with which to receive compensation for unsatisfactory performance of service or inferior products ,or for damage inflicted from their use . Its consumers responsibility to actively seek appropriate restitution. 

Right to consumer education provides for programs and information that must be available to individuals to help them make informed decisions about products. Its the consumer responsibility to take initiative in learning about new and changing products throughout their lives . 

Celebration of WCD On the World Consumer Rights day several countries hold events from media conferences to conventions dealing with human rights . World leaders avail this occasion to endorse the days mission. In some cases new ideas for consumer protections are announced . Seminars and competitions are held to encourage the blossoming of novel ideas of consumer matters . Conclusion Still the problems of consumers are high , and there is still a long way to go . The Secretary of Consumer Protection Council of Tamil Nadu India has said that the problems of Indian consumers is that they have low expectations, improper perception and lack of awareness about solution- options . Not only in India these qualities of consumers are still prevalent in many more countries . 

Consumers should be made aware of their rights and there is consumer forum for this purpose to lodge any complaints in our country . National consumer rights is celebrated on 24 of December in India.

- By Poorvi Bellap

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