Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Teacher's Training Program

110 School teachers from Madina Schools have attended our 1 day training program at Nampally Madina public School. Dr Madhavi Latha Chairman Virinchi Hospitals is the Speaker.
Before lunch
1) teacher's- their problems and psychology
2) how to improve the quality in their performance
After lunch
1) students their attitude and issues
2) how to bring 360o improvement in them.


Life initiates with a tear and ends with a tear of un denying beauty of God's creation.   You have to take the responsibility of everything in your life because no has the power to enter in your world and affect you. Only you allow anyone to enter and affect your life to any extent or to be controlled by others. Life is full of hope yet lovely but we are Unfaithful with our life it’s true because our brain and heart does not get a collaboration with each other which may lead to great destruction in our life. Mind does not listen to Heart and heart is not controlled by the brain. Thus, both end up being an enemy of each other but beyond all things, you are ultimate, Believe in yourself. You have the power to manage and control both with you own modesty and make them friends forever. You just need to understand the game of life. Which is being played by us daily but we don't want to know the result of the game. even we don't understand the routine but we blindly follow, why?  Be a Player like MS Dhoni, never try to defeat always think and try to win. keep yourself cool and calm While playing the game of life, it is not as easy as we say but it is not so difficult. We all have lots of experience in this life just not understanding the fact ‘Sach’ me!!  we cannot imagine how easy life is. Just try it, first love yourself then others, no problem in this world can create a problem for you until and unless you don’t take as a problem. Let them speak, it is the hobby of some people. just like your girlfriend/boyfriend always comes and goes giving you tension, frustration disappointed but you are one who has the capacity to tolerate all such fussy ‘nakhra’. Again, ready to handle and manage new dates with the current girlfriend/boyfriend in the reference to context. How can people lose their hope and become sparkles in their life without any aim, have you lost your hope or hope has left you? It does matter so much. just believe you are the most important cheerful and alive soul, just remembers you can achieve anything, say to yourself, nothing is impossible just ‘Kosis to kar’!!  Having the goal in life to achieve success, for your success can be anything it does not matter just happiness is the only way for an absolute goal in life because it is not available at online retail at Amazon and Flipkart. you all have great opportunities in your life even you are not ready to accept it. Getting proper education, job, money and settlement is not defined as success because if it is so then there are many billionaires. They do not need to do any work rather than to count the money and relax, this is not really a life worth living. It's the passion and dedication towards your work which leads to work at the age of hundred also because it is your internal zeal and feeling of happiness in your life at each and every moment. Life is not a machine to work for 8 hours only, it should be your passion and it must come from within. Practice makes a man perfect so we should continue to do practice for better output, having a feedback system for improving the output as we have it in our control system (1). Success means self-satisfaction in any field of your interest because your passion is to lead you. What is your specialty. Most important is our dream as we all are special which helps in the development of the entire nation. If Chetan Bhagat who is one of the most famous bestselling novel writer could be rejected 9 times by publisher, then how you can be afraid from rejection which rebuild you and help to prepare for success in your life. Failure can hurt your heart so much as to break you but only failure needs to be taken as positively to understand our faults in our life to do more hard work for more success.
The eternity cannot be denied yet we try to deceive ourselves from the reality and camouflage in our Shadow of fear, selfishness and jealousy. We tend to forget the origin where our mother has given us birth. A blessing called life. Introducing us to this beautiful world after keeping us in the womb for 9 months. She faces unlimited difficulties and undefined problems but never utters a word. Why we are not able to understand the struggle of our life? Just a few days and few weeks of frustration which make us to lose our hope, interest as well as confidence in any work, start blaming this life, why? This life is precious, which is an unpredictable journey with full of love and glimpse. It just depends upon you how you are going to manage your journey make it easier or full of hurdles. Just like a circuit, one wrong connection can lead to a short circuit in your life.

Just like you only other student are doing such great work for becoming scientists, doctors, engineers, entrepreneur, researchers.  Then why not you ever think? What is the problem with us? so please think before doing is not about brain it is your interest and dedication towards your works, do best in your field which you want try to become expert in your own field.
Life is so long as we have to play various role in our life till death, let begins with beautiful part called as STUDENT LIFE. Amazing journey either making friends, your studies, exam, marks, having love and lots is the best part of our existence because it helps to perceive entire life with undefined lesson. that you learn from the student life, it is the start of your life but teach all the way of ZINDAGI … it begins with FRIENDSHIP hope you will enjoy, it is full of thrill.
  Many stories were cooked in everyone's life need to test them take decision for our precious life. un balance in one of the ingredient that can make entire food tasteless, it is totally depend upon you to take care of everything. Must be in balance manner for the best result as you desire, otherwise tasteless food you have to eat.  when you are student then your job and responsibilities is only to get excellent education nothing else from where these enemy so called distraction comes, just need to focus on    your goal anyhow.

“every child is special you should always ask what is your passion? which lead to you, what is your   specialization that makes you best for that field. every father and mother want their children to be to doctors, engineers but nobody ask about their passion about children dreams which lead to great success in their life”.

“Be like   amplifier always amplify you Aspire, neglect all the negativity and nauseate like band pass filter”.