Friday, 6 October 2017


White Water Rafting
Down a roller-coaster the deafening roar of a milling gallons of water matched only by the fury of your heartbeat crashing across rapids with only a raft makes White Water Rafting one of the most thrilling sports. There are several White Water Rafting training nodal centres in the Army namely AANC’s Raiwala, Burdong, Aalong, Nimmu (Leh) and Belgaum. Besides conducting several WWR expeditions Army rafters have won national championships and represented India in World Cup Rafting championships.
Scuba Diving
Deep blue waters away from humanity in alien surroundings in the depths of the oceans are a whole new world of marine and submarine life. Scuba diving is another adventure sport which has kindled the spirits of many enthusiasts in the Army. Special Forces Training School at Nahan has been running the nodal center wherein they conduct a six weeks course with training being carried out at Port Blair, Andamans. Diving is enjoyed by all kinds of people all over the world. It is a challenging activity that requires a high degree of physical fitness and ability to withstand change of pressure.
Wind Surfing
Wind surfing has been described as a medley of sailing-ballet-gymnastics and self-expression more reminiscent of acrobatics than water sports. Army Adventure Nodes at Kota and Army Air Defence College, Gopalpur have been providing a yeoman service in introducing Army personnel to this sport.
Blue Water Sailing
Blue Water Sailing has always been luring the adventurers from times immemorial. Gliding across the water with the breeze blissful in its serenity, it gives a feeling of exhilaration and freedom. ‘Trishna - Around the World Cruise’ made waves in 1987. Corps of Engineers and EME have been at the forefront in undertaking challenging trans-oceanic expeditions on a regular basis. A Blue Water Sailing Node is functional at Marve, Mumbai and is managed by CME, Pune.


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