Friday, 13 October 2017


Agra Fort - Agra
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 About Agra Fort

The Fort in Agra is one of the earliest surviving Mughal buildings in the city. Agra Fort also represents the first major building project of Emperor Akbar, though remains of only a few buildings built by him now survive. One of the most significant buildings of Agra Fort is the multi-storeyed Jahangiri Mahal overlooking the river. Built by Akbar for his wife, Jodha Bai, the Mahal is reached through an impressive gateway.

Irregularly triangular on plan, Agra Fort is enclosed by a double battlemented 70-foot high wall of red sandstone, which is about 2-km in perimeter and interrupted by graceful curves and lofty bastions. Of its four gates, the most impressive is the Delhi Gate on the west.
Old Lady in Fort
Red Sandstone Gate

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