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Other type of Assistance
Antarctic Expedition
The Army's involvement commenced with the second expedition in 1982-83, when a small contingent of three officers, including a medical officer, formed part of the Antarctic Expedition. Ever since, the Army has been intimately involved in the conduct of these expeditions every year. Army's participation involves assisting the Ministry of Ocean Development by way of construction of permanent stations, repair and maintenance and extension of stations, running of life support systems in the station and their maintenance as also overland transportation of men and material in Antarctica. The 26th Antarctica Expedition will proceed to Antarctica later this year.

Bus Accident - Shasho (Jammu & Kashmir)
A civil bus with approximately 50 passengers fell into River Chenab, at 0830 hours on 07 April 06 at Shasho (Jammu & Kashmir). Consequently, assistance was requisitioned from the Army. 02 columns and 01 rescue team including 04 divers were provided for rescue and relief operations at the bus accident site. A total of 03 dead bodies and 03 persons were rescued.

Construction of Bridges
Panipat (Haryana) Based on a requisition from the civil administration of Panipat, a 40 feet gap was bridged on 03 April 06, to facilitate the passage of the motorcade of the Prime Minister, during his visit to Panipat on 05 April 06.

Biharsharif (Bihar)
Causeway over 60m long gap over Panchana Nala (2 km South West of Biharsharif) on NH-82 linking Bihar Sharif to Rajgir was damaged during floods of 2006. Government of Bihar requested for assistance in construction of Bailey Bridge. Accordingly, Army provided technical expertise and limited assistance ensuring timely completion of the task by 22 October 2006.

Rescue Operations : Kurukshetra (Haryana)
A five year old child fell into a 55 feet deep hole (12" in dia - abandoned bore well site) in Village Haldi Hira 15 km from Ambala on Rd Ambala - Kurukshetra at about 1930 hour on 21 July 06. Civil Administration requisitioned assistance at about 1030 hour on 22 July 06.

Accordingly one Engineer TF along with 01 x JCB, 2 x cranes, 2 x pumping sets and one generator were pressed into rescue operations.
A disused well 6 feet away from site was used to dig to depth of 60 feet; thereafter to connect to site through a horizontal tunnel to rescue the child. Lighting arrangements, food and water were provided. The 50 hour operation concluded successfully at 2130 hour on 23 July 06 with the rescue of the child.

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