Friday, 6 October 2017


Rescue and Relief - Train / Bus Accident / Collapse of a Building
Accident Site at Malwan : Kalka Mail    On 10 Jul 2011, Howrah - Kalka Mail derailed at Malwan Station in Fatehpur District, Uttar Pradesh. On requisition by the civil administration two Columns, two Engineer Task Forces and two Medical Teams were deployed for rescue operations. Many a lives were saved by the Army columns.  

Accident Site at Bathkuchi : Guwahati - Puri Express    On 10 July 2011, Guwahati - Puri Express derailed near Rangia, Kamrup District, Assam. Three columns were deployed for rescue operations. 45 people were provided medical aid by the columns and evacuated to civil hospital Rangia.

Bus Accident (Rajasthan)    On 12 August 2011, a Gujarat State Road Transport Bus enroute from Mount Abu to Abu Road skidded off the road into a Gorge. On requisition by Civil Administration, one column was deployed for rescue operations. The column rescued 40 persons.

Building Collapse (Uttar Pradesh)   On 16 July 2011, a Four-storied under construction building collapsed at Shahibabad, Ghaziabad District. Approximately 20 persons were feared trapped in the debris of the fallen building. The civil administration requisitioned Army for rescue operations. Two Engineers Task Forces, one Column and one Medical Team were deployed for rescue operation. The columns assisted in rescue of persons trapped in the debris and provision of medical aid to the injured.

Construction of Bridge (Sabrimala)
Sabarimala, located in the Western Ghats in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala is a centuries old Hindu pilgrimage centre, drawing 40 - 50 million devotees annually from remote parts of South India. The shrine is accessible by walking along a four kilometer long hilly pathway. Regulation of pilgrims, through a single entry and exit track assumes special significance from safety point of view, in order to prevent reoccurrence of an earlier stampede.     

Army was requested to construction a bridge on the newly proposed exit route required to facilitate safe passage of pilgrims. The main challenge was faced in shifting of stores, beyond the road head at Pamba to the bridge site via a narrow hill track. This was achieved smoothly by modifying the Dewasom Shrine Board owned tractors under expert Army supervision. The Army engineers commenced launching of the bridge on 01 October and completed the task on 04 October 2011, 10 days prior to the mutually agreed timeline of 15 October 11. The bridge has been handed over to the Dewasom Shrine Board on 17 October 2011 for regulation and move of pilgrims.

The entire exercise is a sterling example of military-civil cooperation. After the successful construction of a foot bridge for the Commonwealth Games by the Army, execution of the bridge at Sabarimala well before schedule, is yet another shining example of Army’s professionalism and commitment to assist civil authorities during a crisis situation.

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