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Flood  Relief
The assistance of the Army with regard to provisioning of flood relief is sought and provided with regularity. During the monsoon season of 2007 for instance, rescue and relief aid has been provided to a number of flood affected areas in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Bihar. A total of 60 columns and 50 engineer task forces were requisitioned by the civil administration and deployed in flood affected areas. Extensive assistance by way of engineering equipment such as BAUTs / OBMs, life jackets, recovery vehicles, communication equipment, restoration of road communications, widening of water channels, diversion of flood waters and distribution of rations / food packets / drinking water was provided.
Nature of Assistance   Extensive assistance by way of engineering equipment such as BAUTs / OBMs, life jackets, recovery vehicles, aerial ropeways, communication equipment, provisioning of heavy earth moving equipment deployed to clear boulders and debris, restoration of road communications, repair of bridges / abutments, removal of damaged piers, widening of water channels, diversion of flood waters, advice on water harvesting, restoration of breast walls, distribution of food packets and medical aid has been provided. Certain other important aspects are highlighted in succeeding paras.
Barmer (Rajasthan)  The Chief Minister of Rajasthan visited affected areas in Barmer District on 26 August 06 and personally complimented the Column Commander and thanked the Army for its relief efforts in the region.
Village Malwa - Barmer District    Assistance for dewatering operations in village Malwa of Barmer District was provided to include provisioning of 14 x pumping sets for dewatering, 10 x medical teams for inoculation of affected villagers and 1500 tents for structuring of tent colonies to provide succor to the distressed.
Trafficability of Roads    04 x JCBs, 02 Dozers and 15 x Tippers ex BRTF were provided to restore various road links in the state to include Barmer - Chautan, Shiv - Harsani, Harsani - Myziar, Gadra - Munaboo and Jodhpur - Ramgarh.
Nasik (Maharashtra)   08 x Army Aviation Helicopters were pressed into service for rescuing marooned villagers in the affected areas of Nasik. Approximately 300 villagers were rescued over two days in intense helicopter evacuation operations.
Jammu& Kashmir
Leh  Leh witnessed unprecedented rainfall during the year leaving a trail of destruction. Several bridges collapsed, roads were washed away, and villages marooned with water entered a large number of houses. About fifteen villages were severely ravaged. The Army, came to the rescue of the people of Ladakh in their hour of crisis. Nature of aid provided included repair of bridges / abutments, removal of damaged piers, widening of water channels, diversion of flood waters, restoration of breast walls, provision of Heavy Earth Moving Equipment to clear boulders and debris, help to stranded tourists on major road axes, structuring of tent colonies to provide succour to the distressed and evacuation of more than 650 villagers.
Kashmir Valley    A total of 09 columns and 12 engineer task forces along with equipment were deployed for evacuation of people to safer places, widening of water channels, and diversion of flood waters from 03 September to 06 September 2006. Approximately 1780 villagers were evacuated, medical aid was provided to 167 persons and 1600 food / water packets were distributed. Honourable Governor of J&K Lt Gen SK Sinha (Retd) observed the rescue operations on 04 Sep 06 and commended the Army for its efforts.Kolaras, District Shivpuri (MP)    On 23 June 2011, consequent to the floods caused by incessant rainfall in Kolaras area of Shivpuri District (Madhya Pradesh), civil administration requisitioned for assistance of the Army to rescue marooned people. One Engineer Task Force was deployed for rescue and relief operations from 23 to 24 June 2011. 13 people were rescued by the Task Force.
Flood Relief (Assam)    Consequent to heavy rains, flood like situation was created in Simen Sapari and Sisibar villages in Dhemaji District of Upper Assam. On requisition by civil administration two columns were deployed from 16 to 17 August 2011 for flood relief operations. 161 persons affected by floods were rescued by the columns.

Flood Relief Ops (Chhattisgarh)    On 09 September 2011, consequent to the floods caused by incessant rains at village Sarya, Balamkola Block, Raigarh Dist, civil administration requisitioned for Army’s assistance. Accordingly, one column was deployed from 09 to 13 September 2011 for rescue and relief operations. 20 persons were rescued by the column.
Flood Relief Ops (Jharkhand)   On 11 September 2011, following flash floods in Son River, civil administration requested for Army’s assistance for evacuation of people stranded on cement piers at village Husainabad, Palmu District. Two columns were deployed from 11 to 13 September 2011. 58 persons were rescued by the columns.

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