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Major Achievements
Mt Everest (8848M) Expedition 2001

The successful Army expedition to Mt Everest was undertaken in 2001. The 24 member team led by Col K Kumar, AVSM was flagged off by the COAS on 01 Mar 2001. Ten members of the team successfully summitted the peak on 23 and 24 May 2001.

Mt Annapurna-I (8091M) Expedition 2002

The successful Army expedition to Mt Annapurna-I was undertaken in 2002. The 17 member team led by Col S C Sharma,SC was flagged off by the COAS on 15 Mar 2002. Four members of the team successfully summitted the peak on 06 May 2002 at 0720Hrs.

Joint Indo-Nepal Army Mt Lhotse(8516M) and Mt Everest Expedition 2003

Joint Indo – Nepal Army expedition team scaled Mt Lhotse on 13 May 2003 and Mt Everest on 22 & 26 May 2003. The team achieved not only a grand success but set many new records in the annals of mountaineering. Following records were set by the team :-

(a) First Indian Ascent. This was the first Indian team to have scaled Mt Lhotse the fourth highest peak in the world.

(b) World Record on Everest. 31 members comprising 9 persons from Indian Army, 10 persons from Royal Nepalese Army and 12 Sherpas scaled Mt Everest on 22 and 26 May 2003. The team led by Col Ashok Abbey and created a new world record for the maximum number of summiteers by any single team.

(c) World Record on Mt Lhotse. 12 climbers comprising 5 persons from Indian Army, 3 persons from Royal Nepalese Army and 4 Sherpas scaled Mt Lhotse and created a new world record as it is the highest number of summiteers on Mt Lhotse by any single team.
Mt Kanchenjunga(8586M) Expedition 2004

The expedition team consisted of 22 climbers from Indian Army led by Col SC Sharma,SC,VSM. On 10 October 2004, 6 climbers reached the summit. Unique achievements of the Kanchenjunga Expedition are as follows:-
(a) The expedition put second highest number of climbers on the summit of Kancenjunga, after Russia and the highest numbers during the post monsoon season.

(b) After Japan, India has become the second country to scale Kanchenjunga from the East as well as West. First Indian Army climb of Kanchenjunga was achieved in June 1977.

(c) Naib Subedar CN Bodh became the only Indian to have scaled four 8000m peaks out of a total of 14 peaks in the world and Sub Neel Chand became the second Indian to have scaled three 8000m peaks.

Women’s Mt Everest Expedition 2005

The team included six women Officers from the Army, women trainees from SFF, two girl cadets from NCC with 18 experienced Army climbers, it was flagged off by COAS on 18 March 2005. The Team was led by Col SS Shekawat,SC. On 2nd June 2005, nine members of team summitted Mt Everest from Chinese side through North Col Route between 6.30 am and 9.30 am. This expedition created history by being the first ever women’s army team in the world to summit Everest. Four women summiteers were Captain Ashwini Pawar, Captain Sipra Majumdar, trainee Dechen Lhamo and Cadet Tshering Ladol.

Kashmir to Kanyakumari Paramotor Expedition - 2005

The expedition was conducted by Para Regimental Training Centre, Bangalore with sponsorship by ITC Info Tech and Food Division. The expedition was flagged off from Natha Top near Udhampur (J&K) on 21 Oct 2005 and reached Kanyakumari on 19 December 2005. Five Paramotors took part in the expedition. Displays and demonstrations were also conducted at selected mil stations covered by the expedition team. The expedition passed through Jammu, Pathankot, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Sarsawa, Meerut, Agra, Gwalior, Jhansi and Sagur. Aeroshows were held at Jammu, Jalandhar, Mamun, Chandigarh, Agra, Sagur and Nagpur.

Mt Cho-Oyu(8188M) Expedition 2006

Mount Cho Oyu (8,201 M) is located in Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR)-China and Nepal Border which can be attempted from either side. Team was flagged off by Chief of the Army Staff on 12 Apr 06 at South Block, New Delhi. The 19 members team was led by Lt Col Anand Swaroop, SM. The expedition successfully scaled the peak in two groups on 24 and 26 May 06. Altogether 13 members summitted this 6th highest peak of the World. Subedar CN Bodh,SC became the first Indian to have climbed five 8000 mtrs peaks of the World.

Army Day-Night Ballooning Expedition-2006

Army Day-Night Ballooning Expedition was successfully conducted on 01 and 02 Mar 06. The Army balloonist created history by flying the balloon continuously throughout one night, which was attempted for the First Time in Asia. They have also setup new National Records for longest duration (17 hour 30 minutes) and longest distance (305 KM) Hot Air Balloon flying.

Mt Everest Expedition 2007

The Army Expedition to Mt Everest 2007 was launched during March – June 2007. The expedition achieved an unprecedented success by putting 12 climbers on top of Mt Everest (8848M) on 15 and 16 May 2007, through the North face in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), The 20 Member team was led by Col IS Thapa,SM.

Mt Dhaulagiri (8167M) Expedition 2009

Indian Army undertook a mountaineering expedition to Mt Dhaulagiri, the seventh highest and one of the most challenging peaks in Nepal. The 17 member Army team led by Lt Col MS Chauhan was flagged off by the COAS on 19 Mar 09. Six members of Indian Army Mt Dhaulagiri expedition team summitted the peak on 08 May 2009 at 1130 hrs (IST). This was the first summit of the peak by any Indian expedition team,which has been recorded in Limca Book of Records as a National Record. Sub CN Bodh of DOGRA SCOUTS created history by successfully scaling six out of the 14 above 8000m peaks.

First Base Jump

First B.A.S.E jump in India was carried out by Lt Col Satyendra Verma on 29 Oct 10 from TV Tower, Pitampura from a height of 165 meter.

South Pole -2011

The successful Indian Army skiing expedition to South Pole was undertaken in 2010. The 8 member team led by Col Anand Swaroop SM**, was flagged off by the COAS on 01 Nov 2010. This is the First Indian Expedition to ski from the Coast of Antarctica to the Geographical South pole. The distance of 1170 km was covered over 50 days, braving temperatures of minus 30-400 celsius, high blizzards and difficult terrain. The expedition, a first by an Indian team, successfully unfurled the National and Army flag at the South Pole on Army Day of 2011(15 Jan 2011). Only two Indians have done the same expedition, Col JK Bajaj in 1989 and Mrs Reena Kaushal in 2010 as part of International expeditions.

Mt Manaslu(8163M) Expedition- 2011

The first Indian ascent of Mt Manaslu (8163M) the eighth highest peak of the world was achieved on 09 May 2011 at 0540h IST. The expedition led by Col Ajay Kothiyal, KC,SC,VSM, comprised of three officers, two JCOs and 13 other ranks of the Indian Army. This expedition was flagged off on 08 Mar 2001 by DCOAS (IS&T). The following records were set by the team :-

(a) First successful Indian Expedition on Mt Manaslu.
(b) First time fifteen members climbing an eight thousander.
(c) One member summitted without using artificial oxygen.
(d) First time a man from Kashmir Valley, Anantnag district, climbed an eight thousander.

Women’s Everest Expedition 2012

“Indian Army Women Expedition to Mt Everest - 2012” climbed the elusive top of Everest on 25-26 May 2012 marking remarkable achievements. The team placed all seventeen climbers including seven women on the summit. Sub Rajendra Singh Jalal made history by becoming the first Indian to have climbed without using supplemental oxygen. Maj N Linyu and Capt Smitha L became first women from their states Nagaland and Karnataka respectively to have climbed Everest. The team was flagged off by DCOAS (IS&T) from Delhi on 12 Mar 2012). The team led by Col Ajay Kothiyal, KC, SC, VSM.

Trans –Rajastan Powered Harness Hang Gliding Expedition 2012

Trans Rajastan Powered Harness Hang Gliding Expedition was conducted wef 16-20 Feb 2012 with three pilots of Indian Army. World Record for longest distance flying of 313.13kms in single leg with Powered Harness Hang Gliding from Bikaner to Sanderav, Rajastan (India) was created by Nb Sub Paramjit Singh on 17 Feb 2012.

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