Saturday, 7 October 2017


Brahmputra - Arunachal Pradesh
Beautiful River View

 About Brahmputra

The Brahmputra is One of the great rivers of Asia, the Brahmaputra commences its 3,000-km journey to the Bay of Bengal from the slopes of Kailash in western Tibet. It tumbles from the Himalayan heights towards the plains of the subcontinent it twists back on itself, cutting a deep and still unnavigated gorge, until finally turning south it emerges in Arunachal Pradesh as the Dihong. Just beyond Pasighat, it meets the Dibang and Lohit where it finally becomes the Brahmaputra.

The Brahmputra offers beautiful scenery, excellent big white water and great wild life in a less-visited corner of the sub-continent. The various adventurous sports held in the Bharmaputra river has helped the India's poor high-end adventure reputation to be changed. The experienced crew of rafters and kayakers have put together a rafting expedition down the mighty Brahmaputra.
Hill River
Sunset On River

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