Saturday, 7 October 2017


Buland Darwaaza - Fatehpur Sikri

Buland Darwaaza 1

 About Buland Darwaaza

The Buland Darwaza, also known as the Gate of Magnificence, towers above the courtyard of the mosque. It was built by Akbar following his victory in battle in 1573 - when Gujarat fell to him. It is one of the most important monuments built in Akbar's entire reign. Fatehpur Sikri, whether approached from Agra or Bharatpur is dominated by this stupendous structure.

The Darwza rises to a height of 40 metres and is topped by pillars and chhatris. It is the most Islamic structure in Fatehpur Sikri and echoes early Mughal design with simple ornamentation, the carved verses from the Koran and soaring arches. The inscription is not only famous for its calligraphy, but also throws light on Akbar's religious broad - mindedness. The inscription is a message from Jesus Christ advising his followers not to consider this world as their permanent home. On the outside a long flight of steps sweeps down the hill giving the gateway additional height.
Buland Darwaaza 2

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