Friday, 6 October 2017



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The Indian Navy is today a potent and capable force which is highly regarded for its professional competence. The planned induction of advanced platforms and technology, and creation of modern infrastructure, promise to boost the capabilities of the Service even further in the near future.
Our operating environment is likely to remain in a state of ferment due to a variety of factors which include geo-politics, emerging technologies, and continuously evolving capabilities in our maritime neighbourhood. Notwithstanding scenario-building exercises and other instruments of prognostication, ‘crystal gazing’ remains a hazardous undertaking, making it difficult to predict with any degree of certainty, the challenges that the future may throw up for us.
In order to ensure that the Indian Navy continues to retain its relevance as a prime instrument of state policy in the midst of future imponderables, we will need to develop a flexible approach and ensure continuous upgradation of our war fighting capabilities and skills. Above all, we must cultivate a propensity to embrace change when necessary.
This document articulates our vision for the future and establishes some guiding principles which will shape our efforts towards its attainment.

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