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TODAY'S KALAM Youth for Seva August edition

                           YOUTH FOR SEVA


Youth for seva is an NGO involved in empowerment of underprivileged children and environmental
conservation. YFS is founded in april 2007 and is a nation wide volunteer movement that inspires youth to volunteer and provides them with meaningful opportunities to serve the community. The goal of YFS is to support schools, destitute, government, hospitals and other organizations in the social sector through volunteers who can help them mitigate some of their short comings and challenges.


Self-reliant communities powered by selfless individuals.


• To facilitate a movement of volunteering.
• To empower and enable individuals to become positive change agents in the society.
• To enable institutions to effectively engage community to d
eliver services.

Projects of our Journey from 2016 - 2017 in Amaravati

June, 2016 - School kit drive
July, 2016 - School kit distribution
August, 2016 - Food distribution in pushkarams
Sept, 2016 - Seminars on soft skills
Oct, 2016 - Seminars on soft skills
Nov, 2016 - Children’s day celebrations with special need children at Arms school
Dec, 2016 - Stationary distribution in 3 schools ( Beneficiaries 1100 students)
Jan, 2017 - Amravati Marathon,NGO’s meet
Feb, 2017 - Dental camps
Mar, 2017 - Ugadi celebrations with special need children at Arms school
Apr, 2017 - Buttermilk distribution, Summer camp Launch
May, 2017 - Buttermilk distribution, Summer camp
June, 2017 - School kit drive
July, 2017 – Story Fied


YFS organized an NGO meeting on 28th January, 2016 in Vijayawada with the
Oracle. 25 NGO’s participated in this and given presentations about their activities for
about 5 minutes each. 20 Volunteers have YFS in organizing the program in which 10
are old and 10 are new. YFS team did one month of Ground work we met nearly 35
NGO’s personally and invited them after understanding their work in which they have
scrutinized and invited 25 NGO’s.
Amravati Marathon :

It was held on January 8th,2017. 50 volunteers involved in Jio Amaravathi marathon.
Happy Sundays :

On every month first Sunday Happy Sunday’s was celebrated on Bandar
road, Vijayawada. Whole show was organized by YFS team along with deep trust.
Volunteers engaged in organizing physical games ,performances on stage ,in volunteer
registration desk , in maintaining crowd ,and in water supply to crowd. Youth for Seva
is partner NGO in Happy Sundays. YFS Volunteers actively Participate in Happy
Sundays. YFS will keep a Volunteer registration desk in the program. For registered
volunteers we keep orientation.
Orientation programme :
On Every month probably 2nd Sunday YFS conducts orientation for new
volunteers in Arms disabled school. YFS conducted orientation in colleges also.
Ugadi Celebrations :

organized in month of march 2017 at ARMS school with Special children.
Food disribution :

The food will be is distributed to the needed with the other partner NGO Responsible citizen.

On 16th April, Buttermilk distribution has started on reliance fresh, patamata and completed in
April ending. On 24th April, Buttermilk distribution has started in Polyclinic road, Vijayawada. It will continue till
the end of May. There we kept a Registration desk for new volunteers.

Summer camp is completed in Chiguru children home, SVRMCH school and SKCV children’s
School Kit Drive :

SKD Packing and Expo on 18th June for school kits. We have distributed 1000 bags in Vijayawada.
We have raised funds for these bags.
STORY Fied :

Youth for Seva announces a story campaign to engage 10,000 volunteers who will be narrating
a story on the theme of “Resilience” for 1 million children from the undeserved communities, over a single weekend( July 21st - July 23rd, 2017 )
Story telling campaign in Amaravati chapter, Vijayawada and Guntur.
No. Of volunteers engaged : 645 No. of schools reached : 26
No. of Beneficiaries : 15000 kids
Weekend Volunteering :
Every week on sunday our volunteers will go to project locations and spend time with children. Our project locations are Chiguru children home, Nava jeevan balala bhavan and skcp.

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