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UN Operations in Mozambique
UN Operations in Mozambique (ONUMOZ - Dec 92 to Oct 94)
The devastating civil war of 14 years in Mozambique came to an end due to UN efforts in Oct 1992. As a result, The UN Mission in Mozambique was established on 03 December 1992 (ONUMOZ) to monitor and verify the cease-fire; separation and concentration of forces of two warring parties; their demobilization and collection, storage and destruction of weapons; monitoring and verifying the complete withdrawal of foreign forces; provision of security to the transport corridor; disbanding of private armed groups; security of vital infrastructure and assistance in humanitarian aid. Indian contribution to ONUMOZ was noteworthy:
• Two Engineer Companies
• One Headquarters Company
• One Logistics Company
• Staff and military observers.
In an interview to BBC, then UN Secretary General, Mr. Boutros Boutros Ghali, acknowledged the untiring efforts and dedication of Indian Army officers and troops.
"The Indian troops, by virtue of their superior training and high standard of discipline and sense of responsibility, have had a significant contribution in ensuring the early return of peace in Mozambique".
Colonel S D Awasti was the Indian National Senior and also the Chief of Staff at HQ ONUMOZ. Colonel H S Lidder replaced him.

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