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TODAY'S KALAM Tourist Destinations in Mathura

Tourist Destinations in Mathura

Mathura has a magnetic charm that lures numerous tourists from far corners of India. Mathura is the birthplace of one of the most venerated of the Hindu gods—Lord Krishna, and abounds in many sacred temples and ghats that form the charm of this place. Mathura is also an important stopover in the itinerary of a tourist who is on his pilgrim tour of north India. The place seems to be blessed with peace and harmony and you will be captivated to be in this sacred land. There are various tourist destinations in Mathura that are historically very important and are frequented by lots of pilgrims annually. 

Some of the important Mathura tourist destinations that should not be missed out by the tourists are: 

Shri Krishna Janma Bhoomi:
It is that historic place where Lord Krishna is said to have taken birth and a stunning temple has been built over this holy site. There are paintings on the walls depicting Krishna and his life and the place is in the shape of a prison. During the excavations of this place, ancient statues were found that are now exhibited in the museum.
Dwarkadheesh Temple:
It is the most popular shrine in the town and also important among the tourist destinations in Mathura devoted to Lord Krishna. Built in the year 1814 by Seth Gokuldas Parikh (“Treasurer of the State of Gwalior”), it is a beautiful temple. The superb architecture of the temple and the exquisite carvings and paintings draw numerous tourists. During the festivals of Janmashtami or Braj Yatra, the entire place comes alive in full grandeur.

Jamma Masjid: 
It is an imposing structure and one of the very sacred places of prayers for the Muslims in Mathura. It was built by Nabir Khan in the year 1661 A.D.

Vishram Ghat:
This is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna took rest for some time after killing his maternal uncle Kansa. It is now an important place of ritualistic bath and worship for the devotees located on the banks of River Yamuna. The evening prayers (aarti) are held here with small oil lamps that are left to float in the waters of River Yamuna thus making the entire ambiance spiritually and visually attractive.

Archeological Museum:
This museum is located at the Dampier Park and houses very rare and fine collections of archaeological interest. The objects from the Gupta and Kushan period are put on display here. There are several singular collections from the Mathura School of Sculptures. It is one of the must visit spots among the tourist destinations in Mathura. 

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