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TODAY'S KALAM Tourist sites near Mathura

Tourist sites near Mathura

Mathura is a sacred town for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains as the deities of all three religions are said to have lived in Mathura. Mathura is also well-known for the Mathura School of Art, which is recognized for its stunning sculptures and clay idols. It is this place where Lord Krishna is said to have taken birth. You can visit the various cultural and religious places of Mathura. Besides, there are many tourist sites near Mathura that are also quite popular among the Indian tourists.

Some of the famous tourist spots near Mathura that are worth paying a visit are:

It is located 10 kms from Mathura and comprises a major part of the Krishna legend. It is also a highly sacred Hindu pilgrimage site and is strewn with about 4000 temples. It is also an important seat of ISKCON, which is very popular in India and the West.

It is also among the eminent tourist sites near Mathura and a famous abode of Lord Krishna. It is located 15 kms to the south east of Mathura and it is this place where Lord Krishna was nurtured by Yashoda secretly, in a tiny village by the River Yamuna. The prime attraction is the Nanda Krishna palace, which is the house of Krishna's foster father.

This is a famous hill located at a distance of 26 kms to the west of Mathura, on the highway that takes to Deeg. The devotees make a round of this hill and offer prayers. Adjacent to Govardhan is located the Mansi Ganga, which is a tank constructed by Raja Bhagwan Das of Amber in the year 1637. There are also several temples or chatris (cenotaphs) of the kings of Bharatpur that are worth watching.
Barsana – Nandgaon:
These places occupy an important place among the tourist destinations near Mathura. Nandgaon is Lord Krishna's village and is at a distance of 56 kms from Mathura whereas his consort Radha's village barsana is at a distance of 50 kms from Mathura. The temples in Barsana include the Radha Rani temple or “Ladliji” temple while Nand Rai, which was built in 18th century, is the chief temple at Nandgaon.

The translation of the word would be ‘Great Forest’ and it is about 9 kms from Mathura city. You will also come across the famous shrine of Mathuranath here which is quite important among the tourist sites near Mathura.

Located on the road leading to Sadabad is Baldeo, which is 20 km to the south east of Mathura. This place has derived its name from the temple which is built here and dedicated to Balaram, the elder brother of Lord Krishna.

It is a large lake located 26 kms west of Mathura and Lord Krishna is supposed to have killed the bull demon at this place. Don’t miss out the fair which is held here in the month of Kartik (October /November). 

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