Saturday, 17 March 2018


Hello All
I hope most of you aware there is a concept of Generic Medicines along with the Branded one's. Right now in hyderabad we have Janaushad and Jeevandhara medical stores. The first one is a central government project, which resulted in a failure. The later was with the support of local NGO's and State Government and it is working fine.

Our NGO (ITMD) started creating awareness on the Generic Medicines and it's usage. We have conducted a one week awareness session in our company with 1) Mailers, 2) session and 3) Kiosk clearing all our employee queries.

Also one of the man behind the idea is Mr.Hanumanth Rao garu who is a resident of Vijaywada. He is ready to give the support if anyone is interested to setup Jeevandhara Medical stores. Mostly they are looking for reputed NGO's , Senior Citizen Groups. 

Example :
Generic Name : Paracetmol (Fever Tablet)
Ranbaxy : Crocin (A strip cost 23 rupees - MRP) (Branded Drugs)
Cipla : Paracip ( A strip cost 11 rupees - MRP ) (Generic Drugs). In Jeevandhara Stores you get for 5 rupees. 

In the above example :
Paracetemol is the Generic name, Ranbaxy and Cipla are the manufacturers of the product. Crocin and Paracip is the name they have given for their product.

If you are interested to know more information about this please contact : Sirisha, Sagar (Copied in CC), members of ITMD who are incharge for this initiative.

1.Some images are enclosed for your reference (Which helped us in promotion of Generic Medicines)
2. Jeevandhara Price list
3. Stores where Generic Medicines available

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