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Cuddapah District

The boundaries of Cuddapah district are Nellore, Anantapur and Chittoor districts in the East, West and South respectively, Kurnool and Prakasam districts in the North directions. Main rivers are Penna, Chitravathi, Kunderu, Papaghni, Sagileru and Cheyeru. Starting at Sunkesula Dam on Tungabadra river Cuddapah-Kurnool (K.C) Canal flows through Cuddapah and Kurnool districts providing water to 4000 Hectares of cultivable land. Handhri Nivas Sujala Sravanthi project and Pulivendula Canal were under construction for Irrigation. Proposals are made to construct a Reservoir on Buggavanka river at Ippapenta village. The main source of drinking water to this district is Galer-Nagari-Sujalasravanthi Canal. Main towns are Cuddapah, Rajampet, Proddatur, Rayachoti. Nandaluru, Masjid-E-Azam, Vempalli, Jammalamadugu, Gandikota fort and Chand Phira Gumbadh are the main places of interest and Tallapaka, Pushpagiri, Siddhavatam, Vontimetta, Jyoti Jammalamadugu, and Proddatur temples Pothuloori Veerabramendra Swamy Mutt at KandhimallayaPalli are the places of religious importance. Handloom Industry at Madhavaram is one of the major sources of Income to this district. The Forest area caters the Timber, as well as Rare Red Sandalwood that earns the foreign currency to the Nation is found only in this district. Wild life such as Tigers, Jaguars, etc is found in these forests. Asbestos Minning processing unit at Pulivendula. Cuddapah is well connected by road and rail with other parts of the state.
Cuddapah at a glance :
Head QuartersCuddapah
Area15,359 sq.km
Summer30C - 44C
Winter21C - 30C
Rainfall695 mm (Seasonal)

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