Tuesday, 13 March 2018

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In the event of the CBD happening at Hyderabad, it was felt that the voices of the people, those who directly depend upon Biodiversity was not being heard. Also, these voices are being drowned in the din raised by the corporations and government led delegations that are swarming in the CBD.

There fore, a large group of people's forum, movements and NGOs came together to organize the People's Biodiversity Festival at a "people friendly" "open for all" venue - The Exhibition Grounds of Hyderabad at Nampalli.

This event aims to not only to bring together and showcase the "Real Wealth" of India - Our Biodiversity, but also give an insight into the 'issues' regarding the biodiversity - by way of Seminars and discussions. 

So, please come to experience and see the 'real wealth of India' and learn by interacting with farmers, fisherfolk, adivasis - their perspective on development. Also, this will be a great opportunity to interact with experts and people working on issues concerning Biodiversity and learn all that you need to know about the major problems that are impacting India and her people - the loss of Biodiveristy, Bio piracy, GM seeds, climate change among others. 

Also, enjoy the rich diversity of our folk arts and native cuisine which emerge directly out of the biodiversity of our country. Find books that you can buy and take back home, and interact with Traditional Healers andnature cure doctors to know how we can stay healthy Naturally....

Groups participating come from various states of India - AP, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Orissa, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, West Bengal, Rajashthan, North East. 

Come join the People's Biodiversity Festival and Join the Voice of the People to protect our Biodiversity, in effect - Our Country.

Saraswati Kavula
People's Biodiversity Festival Team

People’s Biodiversity Festival – Program Schedule
13th October –
11.00 am – Inauguration of the Festival
-         Invocation of Mother Earth - Bhudevi Pooja – by Adivasi Aikya Vedika
-         Keynote Address by Sri Bhaskar Save
-         Speech by Uzramma and Plenary
-         Folk Music  by various artistes
2.30pm –5.30pm - Seminar on Ecological Agriculture and Biodiversity
6pm – Program by Sri Gaddar.
14th October –
10am – 1pm – Seminar on Adivasis and Biodiversity (National Adivasi Alliance)
1pm-2pm – Oggu Katha - by women folk artisans
2pm -5pm – IPR’s Bio Piracy and the Indian Legal Frame Work
(Dr. Vandana Siva is one of the speakers) and her book ‘The Global Citizen’s Report on Seed Freedom” will be released during this Session)
5.30pm – Street Play by Adivasi Groups
6.30pm – Musical Maim on “Diversity of Life” by students of TISS, Hyderabad.
15th October –
10am – 1pm – Seminar on Energy, Climate Change and Biodiversity – Main Venue
10am – 1pm – Open Source Seeds and Seed Savers Network – Seminar Room (By CSA)
2pm – 4pm - Seminar on Rights of Mother Earth (Main Venue)
4pm – 6pm - Seminar on Biodiversity and Trade (Main Venue)
2pm -5pm – GMO’s and Bio Safety (Seminar Room) – (CSA)
6pm – Cultural Program
16th October –
10am – 1pm – Seminar - “Land, Livelihoods and Biodiveristy” – (NAPM)
            (Speakers – Viren Lobo, Medha Patkar and Vijay Pratap)
1pm-2pm – Folk artistes
2pm -5pm – Final Resolutions and Plenary (Release of People’s Manifesto on BD)
6pm – Closing Ceremony

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