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East Godavari District

This district was formed in the year 1904. The boundaries of East Godavari are Bay of Bengal in the East and South, Khammam district in the West and Vishakapatnam district in the North directions. Main rivers are Godavari, Eleru, Pampa, and Sabari. Electricity supply to this district is mainly through Thermal Power station at Rajahmundry, Machkand Hydro Power project and Natural gas Power station at Vijjeswaram. Dhavaleshwaram Project built on the river Godavari Supplies waters to Major parts of the farming lands, Eleru is another small Irrigation project. Coringa Crocodile Sanctuary and PapiKonda Wild Life Sanctuaries Protecting Tigers, Foxes, and different kinds of Birds on the banks of the river Godavari speak on the concern towards the conservation of Wild life in these areas. Main towns are Kakinada, Rajamundry, Tuni, Samarlakot, Amalapuram, Mandapeta, Rajole. Andhra Paper Mill, Godavari and Nagarjuna Fertilizers, Sugar factories at Samarlakota and Pittahpuram, Plywood unit at Rampachodavaram, Dairy, Hatchery and Piggary Forms, Fisheries, Spinning and Saw Mills are main industries of the district. This district has Small Scale Industries of Musical instruments at Pitahpuram. Educational Institutes Come under Andhra University. Coringa and Papikonda wild life Santuaries, Adurru, a Buddhist centre, Papikondalu, Rajahmundry bridge and Andhra paper mills are main places of interest and Kukkuteswara Temple at Pitahpuram, Sri Sathya Narayana Swamy Temple at Annavaram, Draksharamam, Sri Jagan Mohini Chennakesava Swamy Temple at Ryali, Kotilingeswara temple at Rajahmundry, Appanapalle temple, Kumararamam at Samarlakota, and Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple at Antarvedi are worth visiting. Bell metal craft is the main handicraft of this district. The Forest area Occupies 29% of the total area, and Surplus Timber is extracted from these forests, especially the Bamboo's which feeds the Andhra Paper Mills situated at Rajahmundry. District hosts Kakinada Port that is Second biggest port in Andhra Pradesh. Kakinada, the headquarters of East Godavari district is well connected by rail and road. Kakinada is located 60 kms from Rajahmundry and 162 kms from Visakhapatnam. It is well connected by Road.
East Godavari at a glance :
Head QuartersKakinada
Area10,807 sq.km

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