Tuesday, 6 March 2018

greenBUG bag - Green Bangalore Urban Garbage Bag

Introducing the greenBUG bag - Green Bangalore Urban Garbage Bag! Responsible waste disposal no longer need be inconvenient. Made of up cycled newspaper and natural glue, the greenBUG bag is eco-friendly, convenient, flexible, and compliant to BBMP's waste segregation rules. 
So, when you use these bags, you tread the earth softer, and help green up the lives of less fortunate folks.

Founder :“greenBUG” is a start-up founded together by Mr. Arun Balachandran and Ms. Jyoti Pahadsingh. 

Let us Know what actually Green BUG is,

What is greenBUG?

You hate using plastic bags in your dustbins, but it gets so messy without a liner!  They get it. That’s why, greenBUG.

What can you DO with it?

Line your dustbins with it. Yes, it can handle your kitchen waste. Also, sanitary waste. And in your office. Why, take it on road-trips as a mobile dustbin! Do whatever. Let your imagination lead you. The greenBUG bag will match up.

What goes IN?

Discarded newspaper… Starch glue…
No other material. No electricity. No fuels.
No chemicals. Nothing else.

How is it made?
Made by hand. Painstaakingly. So you get a consistently high-quality product.

Made by some awesome women, who have overcome the limitations of their circumstances (disadvantaged, homebound) to learn how to make it, and earn a significant supplement to their family income.
When you buy these paper bin liners, you empower disadvantaged women. 
It makes a big difference to how they see themselves.
They also love that their product makes such a difference to the environment.

Get your greenBUG packs delivered to your door every month!

 For that you have to contact below,

Mob: +91 9845734409

For outside Bengaluru, shop  from www.amazon.in/saheli