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[India-Redefined] CSR + ISR-Join Corporate-Citizen Collective Responsibility-Citizens joining their Individual Social Responsibility ISR with CSR& Support Satyamev Jayate with Team INDIA Redefined in Street Plays across India & Campaigns to support Amir &his team

Be a part of INDIA Redefined Citizen - Corporate Collective 

Responsibility Group (CCCRG) - for Citizens to join their Individual

Social Responsibility ISR with Corporate for their Corporate 
Social Responsibility CSR 
Corporates which are interested to make INDIA Redefined 
Campaigns/Initiatives their CSR, please send mail at 

Support Satyamev Jayate -Team INDIA Redefined www.indiaredefined.org -Be with us in Street Plays across India & Campaigns to support Amir Khan & his team for each Sunday Episode and ask personally the experience and solutions of these problems .to make more Citizens participate and not be a mere spectator to those who are unable to correspond through computers and  send these videos or pics on youtube

"Lets aim to make more Doers than Beneficiaries "

We will try to start a new campaign or make each issue raised every Sunday  in our existing INDIA Redefined Campaigns

Send resume & photograph for  Coordinator of these Campaigns & Street Plays  at apply@indiaredefined.org & be a part of Team of  Best Humanitarian Initiative 2009 award winner  INDIA Redefined 
 a Non Political Citizens Empowerment Movement with supporters across Globe,asking for Individual Social Responsibility (ISR )of Common People of INDIA by Donating their TIME. 

All over world the Government Sector, Corporate Sector, NGO Sector  are working but INDIA Redefined www.indiaredefined.org is trying to bring the Fourth Sector  "The Common People" working for the betterment of this Country on one platform in masses across the globe.  

Our Stakeholders include us - the Citizens of India.

Common people till now have only come together if they are against something; e. g All Independence movements, Movements against corruption. They have never come on one platform to work positively for country and then empowering themselves.

Some existing Initiatives like

 1) "C.U.R.E" India
 2) "I Care"
 3) " Educate India"
 4) " Clean India"
 5) "Green India"
 6) "Develop your own village"
 7) "United India"
 8) "Peaceful India"
 9)"Motivating the  beggars to stop begging and start working"
10) "Awaken India"
11)"Healthy India"
12) "Harmony"
Recommend National Coordinator  for  INDIA Redefined www.indiaredefined.org3rd Sector Partnership Program - For NGOs to  partner with INDIA Redefined & National Coordinator of INDIA Redefined Citizen - Corporate Collective Responsibility Group (CCCRG) - for Citizens to join their Individual Social Responsibility ISR to join with Corporate for their Corporate Social Responsibility CSR  ,Coordinators for Global Indians Group (GIG) including NRIs , INDIA Redefined International Coordinators of Friends of INDIA Redefined Group, INDIA Redefined National Coordinators of Friends of INDIA Redefined Group and also Send CV and Photograph at apply@indiaredefined.org foState Coordinators/City/village/Chapter Coordinators, All India Youth Coordinators ,All India Teen Wing Coordinators ,University/College Coordinators  after reading the Work Profiles of Coordinators on www.indiaredefined.org 
These are voluntary job no payment

Inline image 1

Also apply for  National Coordinator / Global Indians Coordinators / NRI Coordinators / State Coordinators / City Coordinators/ Village Coordinators/ for "Develop your own village" Initiative.See Details on www.indiaredefined.org

INDIA Redefined (IR),  is seeking  interested Professors, Academicians and Subject Matter Experts to particiapte on behalf of  INDIA Redefined with International Professors Projects (IPP), www.internationalprofs.org, to establish India Chapter of IPP and volunteer for objectives of INDIA Redefined & IPP. Recommend people including yourself for this after reading below post about INDIA Redefined.Interested Professors can send their resume and photograph at apply@indiaredefined.org School / College Students who are interested in Coordinating Internship of INDIA Redefined can also send their resume at apply@indiaredefined.org 

See details below or on www.indiaredefined.org 

INDIA Redefined needs NRI Coordinators  for  Initiatives of INDIA Redefined like "Develop your own village" which  was initially thought for Global Indians Group (GIG)v & NRIs, But many Indians living in Urban areas can take this  up. 

Aspirants of  Coordinators can Send CV and Photograph at apply@indiaredefined.org  with Subject :CV for _________Coordinator of INDIA Redefined after joining the movement on website & send  consent, by writing two lines about themselves , why they want to be part of INDIA Redefined Movement and what they can do under this banner with their own vision.

Everywhere we all talk of problems in India – but do little.

Part of the reason is that we think that solving these are the government,
Politicians, bureaucracy, economists or NGO’s, Corporate or Social Worker’s responsibility – not ours.

But shy away from even talking about our responsibilities as a citizen of the country.
Many of us do not Even bother to vote and then criticize the people who are elected on vote Bank politics.

This INERTIA is the root cause of many of our problems and we are partly to Be blamed.

We have left governance to people, who are not really our representative, Policy to people who do not feel they are accountable to us, we have left environment, slum, and literacy to NGOs, Social Workers who struggle without our support.

– The list can go on and on…

So came the idea of INDIA REDEFINED
– A movement to create responsible and empowered citizens by bringing About “Behavioral Change”.

It is only when we do our duties we shall be empowered to demand our Rights. 

It is by this change in behavior that we can unlock people’s potential to be Empowered citizens.

This will redefine how we think and act as an Indian.

…..and that is what INDIA Redefined is about.

So, what is the Vision of INDIA Redefined? It is simply –


And how can we create a Happy India?

Most of the ordinary people want to do something for the Country, they just don't know how.
The idea is to mobilize these masses and bring them together.

How does INDIA Redefined do it?

By giving a structure to this… 'Desire to do something'.

By creating an opportunity for them, to achieve small successes in doing Something for   the society

… Something within his resources and available time

-  Be it planting trees or cutting down the electricity consumption – a simple
Successful activity, that would not only be beneficial at a larger scale but

Also provide the motivation to strive for bigger changes. 

Developing this behavioral change across Indians of all strata, INDIA
Redefined plans to tackle problems, leveraging the power of individual.  

It is a citizen’s empowerment movement - a platform for ordinary citizens
By ordinary citizens – each fulfilling his own ISR - Individual Social Responsibility. 

What makes this movement unique or even different?

Well, there are many wonderful organizations, NGO, Charities, and People which do a Lot of wonderful work -
But it never seems to be enough. 

Most of them work within a context or for a specific cause, that the overall Positive effect … ... Is lost in the gaps.

One of the biggest reasons is that we have not tapped efficiently into the Potential of the   individual. 

INDIA Redefined is a platform for people from different Diversity, backgrounds, different social class, having different outlooks and Opinions to come together and work towards redefining India.
That is why INDIA Redefine’s vision is created by an amalgamation of

Different visions that ultimately leads to a HAPPY INDIA. 
It is important to understand that we are not affiliated with a single political Party or motive. 

But do not hesitate to work with any and every political party, business Houses or NGO for the right cause
By bringing drops of people together on a common platform INDIA
Redefined creates an ocean – 
Ocean strong enough to make government, politicians, public servants not only accountable but also make each Indian an Awakened Citizen… 
People appreciated the movement from all over World and there are many supporters from All Strata of life, from all over India, NRIs, from other Countries, People of different Nationalities too.

This shows that there are people out there who want to 'do

Something'…Make a difference. 
All they need is the platform. 

The idea has not only got support of people but also some recognition

– It was adjudged “The Best Humanitarian Initiative” in December 2009

In this long journey of redefining India, we have taken only a few baby steps 
But then again, a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step…

This idea…. Idea of a movement that is trying to tackle most, if not all, social Issues and help citizens become empowered by the means of behavioral
Change, asks you for only one thing  

 Donate Your TIME. 

INDIA Redefined Vision, Mission, Objective:

Vision Create an India of tomorrow which is • Awakened, informed and educated• Clean, green and sustainable • Healthy, prosperous and happy


Empower citizens of India by bringing about a behavioral change in the masses towards discharging their 
Responsibilities and exercising their Rights, which are:• Constitutional• Social• Societal


Spreading Awareness of INDIA Redefined
• Motivating and recruiting volunteers and participants in INDIA Redefined movement
• Find and appoint Leaders with expertise and interest in specific areas to take charge of the initiatives under headings of Clean India, Green India, Healthy India, Educate India 
• Team of INDIA Redefined Coordinators in each state, City, Village& Universities
• Create an active volunteer force of people in each state
• Once minimum resources are garnered, take up focused projects under broad.

What you require to “Redefine India”  
  Love for “India       
 Passion to be the “Catalyst” of change        
Belief in your “Actions”      
 Trust in others to become as “Committed”      
Action to “Change” – yourself and others around you
INDIA Redefined Pledge 

I, a citizen of INDIA, take the pledge to Carry out my responsibilities toward the country and the society and stand 
 for my rights. As a member of INDIA Redefined movement .

I shall work within my available resources and time to awaken other citizens of India and create an Educated, Healthy, Green and Sustainable country to have a Prosperous and Happy India for ourselves and the future generations
Awards & Coverage of INDIA Redefined

 1) 'The Best Humanitarian Initiative of the Year' award for INDIA Redefined in Dec. 2009
2)  Global Youth Leadership Award 2009 (Sole awardee under Social Work category)
3)  Women of Substance award by “Stree Shakti” in 2007.
 4) covered as an Individual by various Newspapers, Magazines and TV channels for her works for economic empowerment of urban slum youth and INDIA Redefined. Have been invited to various forums like Rotary, Events, Conferences, and institutions for giving a talk on INDIA Redefined. Invited as a Chief Guest in different colleges, schools to give speeches to youth in different cities on these topics:

o    “Creating India of tomorrow"
o    “Inspiring Citizen’s
o    “An Idea worth Spreading”
o    “Philanthropy"
o  “The Journey of My Life”
o    “ISR-Individual Social Responsibility”
o    “Citizen Empowerment”

INDIA Redefined needs Leaders with expertise and interest in specific areas to take charge of the initiatives under broad   headings of Clean India, Green India, Healthy India, Educate India and Awaken India.

In 2011 students from many Universities across India did Internship and INDIA Redefined Community leadership 
program -Please see pics on website.
 Aspirants of Youth Coordinators in various Universities, Cities,, States, have to interact on youth4change@indiaredefined.org  
 Work profiles of All India youth coordinators,state youth coordinators,university coordinators, are mostly governed by their studies taking opriority. 
Different Wings of India Redefined 
Ø  INDIA Redefined Public Policyv &  Administration Advisory Committee ( PPAAC )- For Indian Administrative Service and experts in Public Policy & Administration
Ø  INDIA Redefined Citizen’ s Legal Advisory Forum-  For Judges, Lawyers and other legal professionals
Ø  INDIA Redefined Citizen Safety Forum -  For Indian Police service, Defence (Army, Navy, Air force) and Para-military   Personnel & Security Experts
Ø  INDIA Redefined Health and Hygiene Action Group - For Doctors and Public Health Professionals
Ø  INDIA Redefined Citizen-Corporate Collective Responsibility Group (CCCRG) - for Citizens to join their Individual Social Responsibility ISR to join with Corporate for their Corporate Social Responsibility CSR
Ø  INDIA Redefined 3rd Sector Partnership Program - For NGOs to  partner with INDIA Redefined
Ø  INDIA Redefined Entrepreneurial Initiative Group (EIG) - For Entrepreneurs including Social Entrepreneurs, who have already succeeded in their fields and is also for those Entrepreneurs including Social Entrepreneurs who want to initiate some Activities, or Initiatives on this platform
Ø  INDIA Redefined Rural Development Wing
Ø  INDIA Redefined Global Indians Group (GIG)v & NRIs
Ø  INDIA Redefined Media PR wing -  For Journalists, Reporters from TV, Print media, Radio and  people with Media/PR expertise
Ø  INDIA Redefined Creative Wing
Ø  INDIA Redefined Events Organizing wing
Ø  INDIA Redefined Writing and Communication wing
Ø  INDIA Redefined Project conceptualizing and project writing (for participatory projects) wing
Ø  INDIA Redefined Speakers wing
Ø  INDIA Redefined Unity and Peace Group
Ø  INDIA Redefined Research and Development wing
Ø  INDIA Redefined Information Technology wing
Ø  INDIA Redefined Farmers wing
Ø  INDIA Redefined Chartered Accountant wing
Ø  INDIA Redefined Forest Conservation  wing
Ø  INDIA Redefined for Cultural Activities which includes artists of both visual and performing art forms; craft, designing, painting, sculpture, dance, drama, music & playwrights and lyricists
 These Wings of  were made according to professions of people.We can Start new wings as suggestions come
See photos of ,other Activities of INDIA Redefined on www.indiaredefined.org and little media coverage on  http://www.indiaredefined.org/in_media.html

Let us Create an India of tomorrow which is Awakened, Educated, Clean, Green, Healthy, Sustainable, Prosperous 
and Happy and try to make this  Planet Earth a better place to live in  



                                    HEALTHY INDIA - WILL RESULT FROM CLEAN INDIA and   dedicating SPECIFIC FOCUS 

                                              PROSPEROUS INDIA - The above INTIATIVES WILL NATURALLY LEAD TO 

                                                         HAPPY INDIA  - END RESULT OF ALL  INITIATIVES


Do we want to make India better?
 Are we Fed up of table talks with no action?
 Are we willing to do our bit for the country?
 Are we Confused how to do this?

Lets be  together to Redefined India.

Also read the Story of 25 years of Making of INDIA Redefined ,
Visionary’s thoughts,INDIA Redefined Speeches, Initiatives, Events, See photos of different activities, Read about one year Journey of INDIA Redefined.


Team INDIA Redefined

Ranjana Kanti
INDIA Redefined

"Lets aim to make more Doers than Beneficiaries "
Disclaimer: INDIA Redefined is a people's movement with a support base not only around India but around the world. You are receiving this email because you have taken interest in INDIA Redefined at some point or some supporter of the movement known to you wants to make you aware of such an undertaking by common people of India.
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Ranjana Kanti
INDIA Redefined

"Lets aim to make more Doers than Beneficiaries "

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