Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Commercial cinema is the most popular form of cinema in India. Ever since its inception the commercial Indian movies have seen huge following. Commercial or popular cinema is made not only in Hindi but also in many other regional languages of East and South India. Let's look at some of the general conventions of commercial films in India. Commercial films, in whatever languages they are made, tend to be quite long (approx three hours), with an interval. Another important feature of commercial cinema in India is music.

The action in commercial movies is periodically interrupted by song-and-dance sequences. Good movies use the routines to move the story forward; mediocre movies incorporate them to woo the audience. Songs are sung by professional play-back singers and lip-synched by dancing actors and actresses. The popular cinema in India is a mix of melodrama and sentiments. These movies have a mix of romance, comedy, action and suspense.

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