Friday, 9 March 2018


A ring worn in the finger is nothing, but a circular ornament worn around the finger. There are different types arm rings, finger rings and neck rings and are made of different type of materials like metal, wood, horn, bone, glass, silver, gold, etc. They may be set with different types of gems in them such as pearl, ruby, diamond, sapphire, etc. Usually finger rings are exchanged during a wedding, an engagement or to build a relationship. Rings have been said to be into existence since 4800 years ago.

Horn Rings Handicraft
Horn rings are usually made from horns of animals and particularly from the horns of water buffalo, cows or buffaloes. Horns are usually made of Keratin, a protein found in all animals and are usually black in color at times brown in color.

These rings are very rare and are not easily available. Crafting these horns as rings is an art that requires good concentration and very few people do it. While buying horn rings you need to be careful in selecting. Avoid buying the ones that are reddish-orange in color as they are artificial rings.

Horn rings are available in various shapes and sizes and at times with beautiful intricate designs on them. They are really attractive and many young girls and boys crave to have one. If you are an animal lover, you needn’t worry about it, as these horn rings are usually made only after the death of the animals.

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