Friday, 9 March 2018


Rosewood furniture though being expensive is exquisite to behold. The look of the furniture is accentuated further if the wood used has a dark arrangement of veins running through it. The hues of rosewood timber differ from tree to tree. What makes rosewood furniture unique is the fact that it is heavy, strong and will not fade for a very long time. When polished, rosewood furniture looks admirable and it is for this reason that a lot of musical instruments are made from such polished rosewood. Even turneries like chess sets, billiards cues, a whole lot of furniture, flooring for luxury homes, etc. are made with rosewood.

Handcrafted Rosewood Table
Rosewood is also called as “Brazilian Wood”, “Bahia Rosewood” or “Rio Rosewood” and has a very good smell which remains for years, and so the name. They belong to the genus called Dalbergia and people in the west prefer rosewood of Dalbergia Nigra, which has become an endangered species now.

Rosewood can be used to make different furniture, and among them rosewood tables are very popular and sought for their traditional carvings elegant modeling. Rosewood tables are long-lasting and can be passed as antiques to the younger generation. Their size varies from large dining tables to small tea tables, computer or study tables. One needs to select a table according his needs and according to the size of the room it is going to be placed in. Now-a-days it has become very hard to find good rosewood tables as they have become rare and very expensive.

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