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India is gifted with a rich heritage of designing a wide variety of handicrafts. Artisans use metals, paper, beads, wire, clay etc as raw materials to craft dazzling jewelry, exquisite furniture, metal crafts, colorful toys, dolls, beautiful paintings etc. These handicrafts are found in their true ethnic designs and materials. Sawdust is fine particles that are collected from the rigorous cutting of wood with a saw, hence the name. It is used for a variety of purposes which includes making particleboards or use as a fuel source for boilers. Artists make excellent use of the saw dust material. They craft attractive saw dust toys which carries its own traditional themes.

Saw Dust Toys Handicrafts

Figures of Gods And Goddesses

These figures of gods and goddesses are made of cloth and stuffed with saw dust. They are embellished with shimmering and glittery stuff. These toys appear very gaudy in appearance. Saw dust toys are not meant to be played with and are used for worship at home.

Animal And Bird Figures
Animal and bird figures are crafted in various sizes, shapes and colors. These handmade toys are basically designed for children falling in the age group of 3-4 years. These toys make perfect gifts for birthdays.

Figures of Rural Day To Day Life
A figurine designed with a female positioned with a basket on her head. This figure typically portrays the scene of how vegetables are being sold in rural areas. The toy is made of cloth and it is stuffed with saw dust material. The doll is further decorated with the costumes which women wear at the tribal or rural villages. These toys can be used as home or office decorations and can also be used as a gift item.

Mythological Characters
These toys are designed from the imaginary world of folklore, legends and myths. These mythological saw dust toys also teach the children about the various characters in all tangible and fantasy stories. The classical dolls come in various patterns and are known for their stylish, expressive and graceful looks.

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