Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Tapestry usually resembles weave and are formed on a vertical loom where two sets of thread called warp and weft are interwoven parallel. Usually warps are cotton or linen and weft threads are cotton or wool and at times mixed with silk, silver and gold. These were woven in jacquard looms too after the beginning of 19th century. Coverlets are light in weight and cover the whole length of the bed and are used above the mattress. Pillow covers are not included under coverlets, but bed shams and skirts are included. Coverlets are aesthetically designed to decorate one’s bedroom. There are different kinds of coverlets available such as cotton coverlets, satin coverlets, quilted coverlets, woven coverlets and Tapestry coverlets.

Handcrafted Tapestry Coverlets
Tapestry Coverlets are same as the woven coverlets but with slightest of the differences. They are slightly different from woven coverlets as the weft and warps are hidden and the yarns are usually discontinuous. Different color weft threads are worked over in portions and designs are formed. In olden days, noble men and kings used to roll and carry tapestry coverlets along with them as their beddings. They are very comfortable and filled with cotton cushions inside. And during medieval period, tapestry coverlets with intricate designs were hung behind the thrones to show off authority.

Tapestry coverlets are now-a-days available in various attractive designs and colors. Still the traditional old themes and designs are followed while weaving a tapestry coverlet and they give a rich look to the bed room.

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