Saturday, 10 March 2018

inspiring letter

 jaya Chandra sir,
          I am venu. One of the person who is inspired u.  once upon a time I had already written a letter to u. pls think once. After ur resignation how much corruption is running in emiganoor corporation. Pls think. Not only u like dsp nalini and ACP k.g patel in Mumbai. All r resign their job. But their works is necessary to our society. Pls think about this
IAS jayaprakash narayanan resign his job and try to motivate all to get gandhiji dreaming village swarajyam and br ambetkar hoped development society. He form foundation for democratic reforms (trust), and loksatta party. doing his service in politically and socially. Trust is doing many social activities like RTI act (with mkss trust) and political affidavit before nomination of elections and more now judicial commission. Party is fight against many problem in Andhra assembly.
IAS aruna roy: She form her trust mkss and creating new acts like RTI (with FDRR trust), nrega act, and develop her local government. But not enter into politics. But motivate all.
Income tax officeraravind kejerwal : he form pcrf trust and motivate all and helped to create nrega, rti, janlokpall bill give awareness to all. He is main pillar to jan lokpall bill.
Raju Sharma, a 1982 batch IAS officer in utterpradesh, IPS officer kiran bedi, supreme court judge venkatachalaiah, vandana siva, justice varma kg balakrishnan, K. K. Jaswal, I.A.S, Harsh Mander, B B Tandon, Yogendra Yadav, Dr. Subramanian Swamy,Sudesh Agarwal,D.R.Kaarthikeyan& Dr. Trinath Mishra from CBI, Soli Sorabjee, Former Attorney General of India, recently our ap ex dgpC Anjaneya Reddy, perwaram ramulu, AK mahanthi, even in tirupathi brahmarshi partiji also he doing social service as in his way(yoga and dhyanam) and put a political party  …………. In this way many members are resigned their job but not take any rest. Because of they r know everything. Their knowledge is not not keep in their mind its used to society.
So that atleast present generation is running otherwise India also become like Zimbamby country. So that I request u sir pls use ur knolodge to others pls don’t kept ur knolodge in ur mind pls do ur social work in ur way with any trust. Please don’t destroy ur knolodge in ur mind. Pls do ur social work in ur way.
There is many problems in India: like Pollution, global warming, blood, eye, organ donations, awareness about rti, jan lokpal bill, un employment, vote power, alcoholism, population explosion,  judiciary awareness, counselling who tried suicide and elope marriage … in this way there is many opportunities to  help to others. In locally
I suggest pls don’t join any party & don’t put any party. Because of present election procedure is wront. Da ma sa election method is best. After da ma sa method u come into politics. Because all recognised political parties is corrupted.
Gandhi says : Good person’s silence is more dangerous than criminal’s brutality. So please avoid ur silence. Otherwise it may causes increase criminal activities. Pls think and take good decision sir
11/11/2011         Venu A+ve 22+/                            Cell: 9247159150

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