Saturday, 10 March 2018


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We are all part of this historic movement to eradicate corruption. Together, under the leadership of Anna Hazare ji, we are demanding the “Jan Lokpal Bill” – a strong law to ensure swift and certain punishment to the corrupt.
Jan Lokpal Bill is a Law being made
By the People and For the People.
Jan Lokpal Bill is presently being further refined through Public Participation Many big and small meetings are taking place across the country and suggestions are pouring in on various aspects of the law. There are some misconceptions in the minds of a few with regard to the bill. It is crucial that every citizen of India understands what Jan Lokpal Bill is all about and how it will help curb corruption. Each citizen can then give informed inputs and feedback which will contribute to better drafting of the Bill.
Here is how you can help make a difference!
  1. Watch the Jan Lokpal film - Understand all aspects of the bill. You can clarify any further doubts by going through other communication material. (Click Here)
  2. Give Feedback - Contribute to the drafting of the bill by sending in your suggestions to - (Details on
  3. Hold public meetings - Make every citizen in your area aware of the benefits of a strong Jan Lokpal Bill (For details  Click Here
  4. Spread the word - Please send this email to as many people as you can. Encourage others to join the movement.
  5. Stay involved with this movement.
Index of the Jan Lokpal film (30 minutes) 
  • Anna Hazare's message (beginning to 1min 14 secs)
  • Jan Lokpal Anthem (1:14 to 1:44)
  • Independence of Lokpal (1.44 to 3:12)
  • Functions of Lokpal (3:13 to 4:44)
  • Time-bound action against corrupt (4:45 to 6.06)
  • Recovery of corruption money (6:07 to 8:15)
  • Aam aadmi ki shikayat (8:16 to 11:49)
  • Transparency in Jan Lokpal (11:50 to 17:29)
  • Judicial corruption (17:30 to 18:30)
  • Whistleblower protection (18:31 to 19:00)
  • Private companies and corruption (19:01 to 19:50)
  • Agencies to be merged (19:51 to 20:50)
  • Misconceptions / vested interests (20:51 to 29:41)
  • Benefits to the common man / 2nd freedom struggle (29:42 to 32:40)

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