Monday, 19 March 2018

Journey of a Successful Lawyer - Mukheed

A successful lawyer who have 30 years experience in his career.

Let us know his Journey,

Mukheed was born in a village near Nalgonda in 1963. His Father is Shaik Vahid, a teacher and his mother is Azeemunnisa, house wife. He is married to Fareeda khatoon and he has two daughters they are Sahmina yasmin and Arshiya Firdoz.

                    He studied upto 12th in Nalgonda. Later he came to Hyderabad, he studied Bsc in City college, LLB and MA in Osmania University.   When he is studying his financial condition is very bad, he overcome with that by hard work and having Desire in life and completed his education.

                  As a lawyer also he struggled a lot in his starting days of his career, But today he has 15 junior lawyers under his guidance.

                         Other than his career he is also active in Politics, he is Vice President of Bar Association. Every Saturday he used to go to Anjuman yaatim khana (orghanage), he is Vice president there. In Triple Talaq case he helped two women for free of cost.

His Future Ambition to Provide education the one who deserves.

Special Interview

  • How Would you describe yourself in one word?
         Ans : Good citizen
  • How old are you, when you had first achievement ? share something about that ?
        Ans : In the age of 28-30, I became Independent Lawyer

  • What is your favourite Quote?
Ans : "My life become easy I pardoned somebody I requested for pardon for somebody"

  • Whom do you like to credit your role model as --- Why?
Ans : Abdul Kalam

  • You spent long journey working, any observations about the challenges that are specific to your profession?
    Ans : While fighting for big cases in high court Specially on human rights

  •  Tell us about a situation causing the feelings of regret in your career ?if any ?
Ans : I am not good in English in starting of my career because I don’t have proper Education.

  •   What message you want to pass for our upcoming generations?
Ans : Be Dedicate, Ambicious and  Committed


Address : Kachiguda, Hyderabad

Phone    : 98489 33601


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