Saturday, 10 March 2018

letter from arvind kejriwal

Letter from Arvind Kejriwal to anshankari's in Bhopal:

Dear Sharad Bhai,

First of all, congratulations to all of you for your brave efforts....
Since the time I heard about your anshan, I have been trying to contact MP government.

We were successful in contacting the CM today. He spoke to me on phone just now and said that MP has three Bills in this regard - Citizen's charter bill, bill for confiscation of properties of corrupt officers and Lokayukta Bill. He has invited us for discussions any time after 2 Dec to suggest the shortcomings in this Bill. He has assured that he would be happy to incorporate good suggestions.

I think this has become possible due to the efforts of all of you. I congratulate all of u. I would sincerely urge you to call of your fast now and join discussions whenever they take place.

I wish I could come to personally make this announcement and be there with you when you broke your fast.

My best regards

Arvind kejriwal.

thanks to all who supports us directly or indirectly....... without u people it cannot be possible.

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