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Date: Since 12 Nov. 2010 (To all IAC Members, pl. apply your conscience)

Dear Sirs/ Madams,

1. All Hon'ble Team-Anna Members (Anna ji, Santosh Hegde Ji, Arvind Kejriwal Ji, Sr.
   Bhusan Ji, Jr. Bhusan Ji, Kiran Bedi Ji, Swamy Agnivesh Ji and all Members of IAC)
2. All Hon'ble Members of Press and Media (Thro' The Hindu- attn: Mr. N. Ram; Times
   of India- attn: Mr. Balram Singh and other known members of Press & Media) 
3. All MP, MLA, Ministers (through several & continued e-mails), Govt./Pvt. Officials and Prominent Citizens.

Ref: Pathological Corruptions at Justice Santosh Hegdes Lokayukta betraying unsuspecting and helpless citizens by lying and falsifying judgements

Mahatma Gandhi said truths must be brought "Above-Board" nothing must be traded "Under it". Sitting under the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi the purported and much trumpeted present day Gandhians are trading "Under it".   

It has been years that I am appealing to all including the purported modern day Gandhians and the fourth estate. Lets put an unique truth "Above Board". While weightaging "Pillars of Democracy" our Press/Media has scored a distance 4th place; but on "Pillars of Corruption" it has been miles ahead among peers; indeed a very credible front-runner.     

Would Team-Anna and Press/Media ever be honest and transparent on their turning blind eye on such pathological corruptions at Justice Santosh Hegdes Lokayukta? Even worst its beyond corruption its protecting and helping the goons for unleashing violence against the helpless.

I have walked through the corridors of Justice Hegdes Lokayukta and also through the much overvalued stock of our so-called Human Rights Commission. It has by now established that their corridors are irreparably dirty. They both are betraying unsuspecting and gullible citizens; details of which are already made available to you all and for the benefit for clarity enclosed once again trailing this e-mail. 

The Press/Media and Team Anna are rightly decrying everyone in authority for falling moral values those encourage corruptions. But what is worst is the fact that even before getting some power they have abdicated all their responsibilities and have turned blind eye to their own morality thus allowing & encouraging such nasty corruptions and lies within their own ranks. 

People like Veerappans live like Veerappan quickly identify themselves and pose limited damage to society. People like Sophisticated Intelligentsia work like Veerappan trumpet like Gandhian and pose unlimited damage to society.

Putting everyone "Above Board" I appeal to our "Known Devils" the politicians, bureaucrats, prominent-citizens as well as to our "Unknown-Angles" Team-Anna, Press/Media to everyone's conscience and hope that one-day, may be today, its the time for retrospection. The first step to check corruption as Mahatma said is to put everything "Above Board". Sirs/Madams why are you all shying away from Mahatma's principles? Why sweeping the truth "Under it"?   

Lokayukta Institution has become a perfect example of Fence Eating The Crop; thanks to Team-Anna, Press and Media those made believe our gullible citizens, most of them are school kids and teenagers just the opposite way purportedly for the sake of country's youths. I till believe there are many good & honest officials at the Lokayukta Institutions and by putting them on this same page I appeal to them please take corrective steps do not fail to do justice and by not correcting your wrongs are you not committing the second wrongs?

Thanking you and sincerely wishing a purposeful response from your conscience through your own sincere retrospection.

Yours Truly

Kanai Banerjee

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Date: Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 3:17 PM
Subject: The agony from Hon’ble Lokayukta's scandalous kangaroo court style Investigations & Judgment.

November 12, 2010

The Hon'ble Lokayukta, M.S. Building, Dr. Ambedkar Vedhi, Bangalore -560001             .
Hon’ble Chief Justice of Karnataka, Mr. J.S. Khehar, High Courts of Karnataka, Bangalore -560001

Hon’ble Justice D.V. Shylendra Kumar, High Courts of Karnataka, Bangalore -560001

Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, Mr. S.H. Kapadia, Supreme Courts of India, Tilak Marg, New Delhi -110 001

Hon’ble Justice P. Sathasivam, Supreme Courts of India, Tilak Marg, New Delhi -110 001

Hon’ble Justice G.S. Singhvi, Supreme Courts of India, Tilak Marg, New Delhi -110 001

Hon’ble UpaLokayukta, MS Building, Dr. Ambedkar Vedhi, Bangalore -560001
Hon’ble President of India, Mrs. Pratibha Patil, Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi
Hon’ble Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi - 110 101
Hon’ble Leader of Opposition LS, Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, No 8, Safdarjung Lane, New Delhi-110011    

Hon’ble Leader of Opposition RS, Mr. Arun Jaitley, A-44, Kailash Colony, New Delhi

Hon’ble Karnataka CM, Dr. B.S. Yediyurappa, GOK, Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore

Hon’ble Rly Minister, Mrs. Mamata Banerjee, Room No 239, Rail Bhawan New Delhi-110001

Hon’ble UPA Chairperson, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, No. 10 Janpath, New Delhi 110011

Hon’ble MP, Mr. L.K. Advani, No 001 - 30, Prithviraj Road, New Delhi - 110 003

Hon’ble Finance Minister, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, Room No 132C North Block New Delhi-110001

Hon’ble Home Minister, Mr. P. Chidambaram, Ministry of Home Affairs, North Block, Central Secretariat, New Delhi-110001

Hon’ble Minister of Law, Justice and Human Rights, Mr. S. Suresh Kumar, GOK, Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore

Hon’ble Minister of Law and Justice, Dr. M. Veerappa Moily, 4th Floor, A-Wing, Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi -110 001 Hon’ble DG & IGP of Karnataka Police, No. 2, Nrupathunga Road, Bangalore -560001

Hon’ble Nobel Laureate Prof Amartya Sen,  Littauer Center 205, Harvard University Department of Economics, Massachusetts Hall, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
Dear Sirs/ Madams,
Sub: The agony from Hon’ble Lokayukta’s scandalous kangaroo court style Investigations & Judgment
Ref: Case No. BCD/43/2010 and his honor’s judgment dated 18-10-2010. 
Apropos above I received the judgment that is aggravating insult & agony to my helpless family that is fighting corporate corruption for decades and by doing so have not only almost destroyed my little SSI company but also have invited goons at our doorsteps; who strike repetitively at ease & finding protections and comforts that such judgments provide. The judgment is scandalous that’s so blatantly manufactured from a kangaroo court style proceedings at the Lokayukta Institution. I hereby furnish initial details & prey before Hon’ble Lokayukta to investigate it with propriety by an honest, upright and fearless officer that I believe Lokayukta have in plenty.        
1.       On 17-05-2010 Lokayukta’s investigation officer (director vigilance-police Mr. Munikrishna) called me for a joint meeting/investigation with police at 10.30AM. I reached at the appointed time and found his office locked. I waited out side his office for several hours until he & police arrived. I found the same Police/ACP who on 07-03-2008 called my family at his office along with the accused that included one of the hired goons. At ACP’s office they threatened to beat me up soon. We then gave formal complaint to ACP; which is well-know to Lokayukta. Anyway I once again brought it to the notice of all concerned at Lokayukta.     
 2.       I found Lokayukta officer’s approach casual. As per Lokayukta (LA) procedure I was not even given police reply for my comments and when I requested for it; he said that’s not needed & instantly agreed with all points of my complaint. He then read-out the following brief portions and said he is in agreement with me.
 a.       Soon after the threat at ACP’s office; underworld goons gate-crashed our flat and threatened to murder our entire family very soon. The LA officer then asked me about his age, that I replied.   
 b.       On 15th June 2008 at about 11.00AM two hired goons gate-crashed our flat and kept threatening to shoot & murder us. Soon they started beating-up myself, my wife & my daughter that continued for long (several 10’s of minutes) until I collapsed unconscious. As we reached police station they followed us with their car no KA-01, MD127 and ridiculed us inside police station. Police took me to Bowring Hospital as my neck was visibly swollen. X-ray revealed C-5 chip fracture. I was then taken in an ambulance to NIMHANS wherein fracture was again confirmed & admitted.  I was completely bedridden that took 3-months to recover and to back my normal work schedule.     
c.        I explained to LA officer that post assault only law that prevailed then was absolute goondaism. They repeatedly threatened to murder us & we recorded some. They vandalized and destroyed our flat/property that I spent between Rs. 3 to 4 Lakhs for restoration. As I started putting-up on his table the tape recorded pen-drive and a photo of their beating-up our family; the LA officer said to police that the perpetrators would pay heavily if these are investigated by an independent judge. He then asked police to visit our flat and submit a report. The next day Police/PI and his team visited us found and agreed that our flat is not even livable with dirty water being directed from above our flat by one of the accused. Water is raining on our beds; study tables; all our bathrooms, walls and damped-roof-concrete is collapsing; that already has created a short-circuited fire.     
When such are the facts of proceedings of enquiry; the judgment bluntly concluded that my complaints are “not at all substantiated”. It’s scandalous and betrayal to the people of India by such a great institution.  
3.       The judgment state that the same complaint was earlier filed before HRC vide case no. 3160/2008 and that HRC have disposed it off “stating that there was no substance in the allegation”. The real facts are well known to Lokayukta. HRC actually investigated this case for long one & half years. Police Commissioner in his reply did not deny any of my complaint including the assault incident which establishes their inherent admission of guilt. When such are the facts HRC wrote a highly innovative judgment falsely certified that the same case is pending before Lokayukta and thus it can’t do any enquiry on my complaint. This is the very basic reason on which I once again filed this case before Lokayukta. These facts establish culpability of a section of Lokayukta Institution in deliberately falsifying truths and distorting records that caused subversion of justice.      
4.       This scandalous judgment is sealed on 18-10-2010; giving police a good boy certificate & starting same day a MNC company that has installed a large Diesel-Generator (DG) right next to my bedroom have started brazenly running it on a 24/7-basis that never happened before. DG runs only when EB power fails. Police arrived at night 11.30PM and was told that a celebration is going on & they can’t be disturbed. It must be a worthy cause that triggered “what a celebration” that continued for days/nights/weeks blasting at dangerously high 75db noise so much so that PCB long ago have refused them permission to run. Stuck with dangerously high BP & giddiness I had to resort to high doses of medication. My routinely pleading with police did not help. I filed repeat police complaint on 01-11-2010 when police bluntly told me that they have to observe them for a long time. This same issue is pending before Hon’ble Lokayukta vide case no BCD/227/2009 dated 15-06-2009. In-addition faced with my repeat complaints DG & IGP has long ago dated 21-12-2009 have promised me actions. Interesting in recent times Bangalore Police have jailed hundreds of teenage boys& girls for just a day’s noisy party. High level police officials routinely teach morality to society and complaint that disgruntled society elements do not respect Indian constitution. Will our police respect Indian Constitution now? Will Hon’ble DG & IGP at-least now book the MNC as per Law; as he did trumpeting high morals by jailing those poor little boys & girls? Will judiciary intervene?              

5.       The judgment state that my wife had earlier (on a different incident) filed a complaint before Hon’ble UpaLokayukta on 08-02-08 (BCD-54/08) and on his direction police booked a FIR that the accused persons have stayed at HC vide writ 10710/2009. The real fact is HC has also quashed the FIR as learned HC judge opined that pendency of a civil-case condones criminal acts of the accused. Even worst happened at civil-court (10970/2006). A day before as it came-up for final IA-hearing the accused persons brazenly cut-off our Electricity, Water & Phone Lines. All Hon’ble authorities lecture citizens not to take law into their own hands. Here is a case, learned judge fully knowing that such crime has taken place and duly agreed by the accused; till went on investigating it thus buying enough time ensuring maximum hardship to my helpless family before announcing the judgment day; on which in a well calibrated move my lawyer turned hostile. Learned judge then refused to deliver his judgment but did not fail to deliver his statement. He asked me to leave my flat. Goondaism by-default became lawful that emboldened the goons to sent underworld people threatening to kill us & eventually beating-up our entire family. Sadly HC writ order 10710/2009 has duly stamped civil-case happening. I hope authorities conscience would one day wake-up; till then I appeal to everyone’s conscience; Sirs can law find its own course when it’s so dark?  Sadly Lokayukta has raked-up this old case which is anyway coming up for appeal at High Court and tried to shame us by verbatim stamping the words of goons saying we have failed to pay for our water and electricity charges which is notoriously baseless, false &already refuted years ago by his own institution by UpaLokayukta & Mr. M.D. Singh, Director Vigilance (Police).  The judgment thus concluded that there is a difference between the association and myself and thus further investigation of my complaint to be discontinued.                 
Sirs/Madams; half of India is fighting battle with disgruntled countrymen; who always claimed that their wife and children are brutalized and men are routinely terrorized and booked on false cases and our judiciary and legal systems are corrupt those deliver manipulated judgment favoring the elites. I do not subscribe to anyone’s violence. I have also learned an important lesson of life from my mother; while cooking, one grain of rise is enough the test for the whole of rise in the vessel. Even a little educated person like me and my family is so terrorized and brutalized by the brazen corruption and criminality by our systems that are designed to protect us. Our Judiciary, Human Right Commission and now even unbelievably our Lokayukta are found to have corrupt elements. I am desperately & repeatedly pleading for justice since 2006 and have repeatedly failed in my Plan-A, Plan-B, C, D, E, F and now have reached at Plan-G level that too with such irrefutable evidence. At this rate it will take few generations to reach at Plan-Z only to get back our honor for humanity restored. I may not be that lucky to see it for myself. Already lawyers have started predicting about my shorter life span.   
Looking through the perspective that each of our mothers has thought us its enough the test that half of India’s disgruntled countrymen is speaking the truth. The problem lies with us also. We have failed to do justice to nonviolent causes. We all are also to be held responsible to bring-to-bear those violence causes to be so inevitable. We take shelter behind the process on Law that is anyway taken hostage by the elite and influential. We say our legal procedures are too long and our laws are archaic but in my specific cases those were never the issues; rather they are manufactured to be looked like so thus deliberately causing subversion of justice.
Sirs/Madam, I had earlier approached many Hon’ble authorities on HRC corruption and sadly discovered that numerous such complaints have eventually landed at some Havaldar’s table at various Police Stations across Bangalore. We are used to listening to Hon’ble Lokayukta’s helplessness about his lack of power that prevents him to effectively check corruption. When Hon’ble Lokayukta does not have enough power will Hon’ble Havaldars have enough power to look into the HRC corruption and render me justice?        
The whole of India believe that our Hon’ble Lokayukta is a man of high integrity and so do I; so much so that his preaching regularly appears in our press. He said if he has proof of corruption for anyone however high & mighty, he will not hesitate to scale up at the top of Vidhana-Soudha shouting his name. He has said that he will not publicly share dais with any corrupt person. And most importantly he has said that he will never allow or tolerate corruption within Lokayukta. Enlightened by his honor’s preaching I hereby respectfully prey before Hon’ble Lokayukta; here is the proof of corruption and culpability of falsifying records causing subversion of justice within a section of Lokayukta Institution that too at such disturbingly high level for which I am looking forward to observing how justice is shown to have been done.        
Thanking you
Yours Truly
(Kanai Banerjee) 

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