Saturday, 10 March 2018


  Hai... This is Madhukar from Penchikalpet, Adilabad, persuing MSW. at Husnabad.
The MSW(Master of Social Work) is based on community and its organization. To work in this field one should have the affective communication, self confidence, creativity etc.  Fortunatly I got these all skills at YBI( Youth for BetterIndia).

              YBI is a platform for individuals & groups to be a part in Nation building. With the support of YBI I conducted many social activities such as
*Corruption Quit India walk with 300 youth, in Husnabad.
*1 day fast for support to Anna Hazare's fast with 35 youth.
* Debats on India's problems and role of youth in solving the problems in colleges.

                Friends! Every nation depends upon its human resourses  for the development. India is at 2nd place in human resourse, and 74% youth in the sum. But we have so many barriers in nation building. Awake &
Struggle for erase the Corruption from India. Only Youth can bring the change.

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