Friday, 30 March 2018

Mohammad Salauddin Quadri - Founder of Zunnoorien Islamic foundation

Mohammad Salauddin Quadri  was born in old city, Hyderabad. His father is Mohammad Nazeeruddin, Lineman in electric department and mother is Rukaiyya begum, house wife. His wife is Syeda Amrin Begum. He has two children one boy and one girl  Mehreen rukaiyya and Mohammed Fuzianul Rahman.

He has completed his graduation in Aligarh Urdu University. In Aalim Jamia Nizamia, hyderabad he completed schooling.Presently he is doing rice business.

He started School & Madarsa as Zunnoorien Islamic school in 2001. Presently 1800 students are there in his school. For poor students they take very less fees. Later they have started Zunnoorien Islamic foundation for poor people. They take only 100 or 200 rupees fees in that. In that school total trustees are 20 members. There are 9 teachers in English medium and 34 islamic teachers.
300 girls have completed education up to tenth. For girls they get Intermediate certificate from Moulana Azad University. In this foundation they give free Computer education course.
In 2015 - 2016 the trustees give up to the school he only controlled the school.

In future he want to start a school for 500 girls with lunch. 

Contact : 9701009250

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