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Muthuswami Dikshitar
Date of Birth:Mar 24, 1774
Date of Death:1835
Place of Birth:Tamil Nadu

Muthuswami Dikshitar, a famous Karnatic musician from Tanjavore, Tamil Nadu was born on March 24, 1774 . His pen name was Guruguha. Muthu, when he was young spent some of his early years with the great Chidambaranatha Yogi who was the guru of Muthu's father Ramaswami. This saint was a great occultist. Life at Kasi with him, for Muthuswami was one of study and editation. For about six years he lived and learned with the yogi, mastering Sanskrit, literature and grammar, philosophy and tantra yoga. They visited many temples. Finally on the eve of his departure, the master told him, to have a bath in the Holy Ganges, before he leaves so that he will be blessed. Accordingly, Dikshitar went to the river and descending a few steps, dipped into the water and a miracle happened. A veena with the words 'Rama' inscribed came to him from the waters. His musical training was mainly under his father Ramaswami Dikshitar and he had become highly proficient in it even in his childhood. He has composed Kriti's in Ragas like 'Brindavani Sarang', 'Hamiu Kalyani' (very similar to Kedar of the north). He was died in 1835.

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