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Nainital - Nainital
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About Nainital

Nainital occupies a unique place. Known for its salubrious climate and scenic beauty, the town is a popular health resort and attracts tourists around the year. The town is rich in scenic setting, service infrastructure and landscape perspectives where people from other parts of the country and even outside go for stay and excursions around the year.

Nainital is 34 Km from Kathgodam, the gateway of Kumaon and the terminus of North Eastern Railway. It is 304 km from Delhi, capital of India, and 388 km from Lucknow. According to the District Gazetteer Nainital is situated at 29 degree 24' north latitude and 79 degree 28' east longitude, in a valley of the Gagar range running east and west, which is bounded on the north by the peak of China, which rises to a height of 8.568 feet, continued by the Alma peak (presently known as Snow-View) and the Sher-Ka-Danda to the eastern extremity, where the ridge descends almost to the level of the lake. On the west the rugged hill of Deopatha rises to a height of 7,987 feet, and on the south Ayarpatha attains an elevation of 7,461 feet diminishing gradually towards the east.

The town has the famous lake to which it owes its name. The surface of this lake has an elevation of 1.935 m above sea level. Maximum length & breadth being 1,434 m & 463 m.respectively.

The depth of this lake is said to range between a maximum 28 metres and a minimum of 6 metres. Most Important Characteristics of the town Nainital has some unique features and physical characteristics. By far the greatest attraction is provided by the lake Naini. Flowing on the base of rising peaks. Cheena, Laria-Kanta, Deo- patha, Snow view and others, the lake presents a view which lingers in memory. All around the lake is wide road, the Mall, now known as G. B. Pant Marg, which is crowded by pedestrian and rickshaw traffic. All this is mirrored up and brightly reflected in the glittering blue waters of the lake.
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Boating on NainiLake

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