Friday, 9 March 2018


If you sit in an open field, you would witness how unstable wind currents are. Sometimes they strongly blow from one particular direction and in no time can change their direction. Weathervanes are instruments that show the direction of the wind. Nautical weathervanes have been trustworthy equipments since ancient times. They have aided sailors as well as people in the coastal areas to determine wind direction. Weathervanes were also considered as one of the leading instruments in trades reliant on the sea. This instrument alerted the sailors and directed their paths along with the wind currents. Hence seamen could make a quicker and safe trip in the sea. Nautical weathervanes also warned of the upcoming storms which helped the captain to set a safer route towards the destination. In spite of such vast useful functionality, these devices are also kept as decorative accents.

Nautical Weathervanes Handicrafts
Nautical weathervanes are crafted in the widest of varieties. In the early times, nautical weathervanes were designed out of wood or sometimes even with sea shells. These instruments when constructed from copper will prove their durability.

Lighthouse Weathervanes
Lighthouse weathervane is truly spectacular and durable outdoor decor item. It is designed for decorating on smaller structures like a garage or gazebo. They are molded with vinyl resin and have the look and feel of a genuine copper weathervane. They can also be exhibited in the yard or garden with a garden pole option. Make sure these lighthouse weathervanes are seen so that it will be truly appreciated.

Dolphin Weathervanes
Dolphins are admired and fascinated for their intelligence. Dolphin weathervanes are truly an impressive garden decor accent. This exclusive weathervane will be surely adored by dolphin lovers. These unique weathervanes are designed with full-bodied copper figure, copper spacer balls, solid brass and stainless steel rod. This is one of the earliest and most popular weathervane designs.

Antique Horse Weathervanes
Long ago weathervanes were considered as one of the first device to detect changes in the weather conditions by pointing in the direction from which the wind was blowing. Antique horse weathervanes are designed with elegant designs made of gold, bronze and other metals. These beautiful prancing horses add elegance to one’s home.

Landing Duck Weathervane
The Landing duck weathervane is designed out of full-bodied copper figure, copper spacer balls, solid brass and roof mounts. Landing duck weathervanes add a perfect finishing touch for your barn or house. They need to be carefully balanced to always turn into the wind.

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