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Nuzhath M Syed - an Educationist, Communication Consultant, writer and many more

Nuzhath M Syed is an Educationist and Communication Consultant. He writes curriculums and teaches holistic methods of education. He takes simulation workshops using Theatre. He likes to go into the depth of psychology and spirituality. He is a proponent of Art Integrated Education. He is an Artist and Sufi by heart and mind.

Let us know about him,

He was born in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh in 1986. His father is from Chennai, but later they shifted to Tirupati as his father was transferred. He has completed his schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Tirupati and went to JNTU affiliated college at Kurnool before ending up in Anna University for his Masters. During the Master's days he went back to his childhood dream of making and working in Films doing assignments at LV Prasad Film Academy. Since then though not formally trained he have been a student of world cinema.

          His Family tree goes back to Bukharo from his mother's side hence they are called Bukhari Syed's. His Father is related to another Sufi Saint from Rahmatabad Nellore, Nayab-e-Rasool. So they were instilled with the human touch and experiential based Islam from day 1. Ijtihad was a part of our learning and adaptation in different contexts. So when they were further educated they learnt to see the beauty of Quran in every subject and story we studied. So Deen and Duniya were not separate for us but integrated process. Poetry, Sufi Music and Reading from Multiple sources and approaches were encouraged at his home. Though his paternal side had moved towards Salafi and Deobandi school of thoughts he feel he was really fortunate to be having a Father with great knowledge and experience of Sufi School. The Intensity of Love for truth and the giver of truth came from the upbringing. His Sister, a High School Teacher, and His Brother, an electronics design engineer both balance between their profession and Deen because Deen is everywhere.

                     He has been working on Child Centric Approaches to Education integrating Arts from last 4 Years before which he traversed the paths of Biotechnology, Corporate Working and Advertising before SBI Youth for India Fellowship happened at Uttarakhand. He have started a small Society at Tirupati after coming back from Uttarakhand called SHEEL (Society for Healthy Educated and Empowered Living) with his teachers and likeminded classmates.

Personal VS Professional Life :

He said, there has never been a difference between Professional and Personal spiritually, because both are interconnected and equally important, Profession for him is the purpose to serve the society and personal is the purpose to make himself a better human being, so on both the fronts he have been frank and open. Yes sometimes there have been imbalances because of which he was not able to concentrate on any one side so now he have divided equal time for both. Have not been married because he was not ready yet but he feel there is a need of partner now for this journey to go further. He have learnt to manage relations well because of his involvement with kids, he see every perspective important to shape a holistic life.

Professional Dedication & Career Development :

He was interested to work on behavioral change if needed through polymath approach that is why he have traversed through multiple pathways and at this point a longer journey has started. Socially, Spiritually and Psychologically Important are his Workshops, Trainings, Social Innovations and Implementations through SHEEL and also on a personal level they are getting the right platform across ages and gender. So he was intensely satisfied. As he said he work for passion, purpose and commitment, no achievement boasts me, no failure stops his journey's travel. Internalization happens regularly with prayers and Muraqaba. And he can really see a sample idealistic society developing around me.

Social & Cultural Activities :

He said, he was doing his job, boasting of how society appreciated his work is not going to help anyone, he just do what he have to and achievements are mostly what he receive from almighty, that is on a daily basis, socially, culturally, psychologically, spiritually, all areas give him immense achievements, he don't believe in social acceptability of his achievement.

Special Interview of a Special Person
  • How Would you describe yourself in one word?
         Ans : Seeker
  • Give an Example of a time when you solved an analytically difficult problem?
        Ans : It happens on a daily basis, working with kids analytics happen regularly but I try not to be analytical in any tough situation, I try my best to work on it and when limitations show up I give the path to Almighty's guidance. I always try to choose creative approach with insights and instincts then analytic because if analytics only take me a step ahead, insights take me further.
  • How old were you, when you had first achievement ? share something about that ?
        Ans : I was 15, when I got a President National Award for Mock Parliament, I consider that to be a very Important Achievement, My definition of achievement today has changed, It is about being able to stand after every failure and that way I achieve almost every day. All this started when I was open about many other things with my parents of what I want to pursue and to their astonishment I am still pursuing it way 6 years into the path. I have not went back to the regular system that is an achievement which I thank god for. I am able to stick to my purpose.
  • What is your favorite Quote?
Ans : The wound is the place where the Light enters you- Hazrat Jalaluddin Rumi
  • Tell us about an accomplishment you are most proud of?
Ans : I am yet to accomplish, I have just started my life may be I can answer this question on my death bed or maybe not.
  • Whom do you like to credit your role model as --- Why?
Ans : It is the person inside me and the people who connect with that person there are role models from every step of my life, some whom I read, some who broke my heart, some who stood by my side, The greatest role model of my life is very Abstract, people call it Love.
  • You spent long journey working, any observations about the challenges that are specific to your profession?
Ans : Community, Society, People will think you are insane because you are working towards the change they don't see coming. I am a Seeker and people will not come along until they see what you are seeking is reachable. So it is always better to take them along by keeping a reachable goal in their point of view but that doesn't satisfy my idealistic goal so I seek further.
  • Which is your best achievement ?
Ans : Many on a daily basis everything is best for that moment, And achievements of past are history we need not boast about it, in present I am still seeking achievement, it is an everyday process.
  • Tell us about a situation causing the feelings of regret in your career ?if any ?
Ans : Regret never, because all mistakes were learning because those mistakes made me what I am today, So there is no regret to carry but learning from those mistakes.
  •  What message you want to pass for our upcoming generations?
Ans : Start searching love inside you through a contemplative process, jump into the sea of lifelong learning, learn from the story and metaphors of life.
  • What motivates you to get out of bed for a hectic work area every morning?
Ans : Purpose, Passion and Commitment, material things don't motivate me.


Address : 18-35-S2-50, Flat No 304, Sreekar Apartments,Shanthi Nagar, KT Road, Tirupati
Phone : +918106540363



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