Saturday, 10 March 2018

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Congrats Sachin !!!!
Sachin Tendulkar completes 22 years of cricket

As Sachin Tendulkar completes 22 years of cricket, we Proudly says, “SACHIN Is L...IFE, SACHIN Is Cricket , who’s been a perfect ambassador not only of the Cricket but also India

Test debut: Pakistan v India at Karachi, Nov 15-20, 1989

Longest Career in Tests:

1.W Rhodes (Eng) 30y 315d
2.DB Close (Eng) 26y 356d
3.FE Woolley (Eng) 25y 13d
4.GA Headley (WI) 24y 10d
5.AJ Traicos (SA/Zim) 23y 40d
6.JB Hobbs (Eng) 22y 233d
7.G Gunn (Eng) 22y 120d
8.SE Gregory (Aus) 22y 32d
9.SR Tendulkar (India) 22y

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           we all are proud of you .     
                     indians are great

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