Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Poetry QUEST FOR THIRST… March, 2018

             QUEST FOR THIRST…
Quest for Thirst
Miles and miles to go…
For a drop of water
Pure and pristine
Everyone’s birth right
Water …water…everywhere
Unable to a buy a drop
Always a quest
To drench the thirst
Solution may be simple
But alas! People are complex…
World’s fighting
For drop of water
World is waiting
After failing miserably in valuing water
Valuing life…
People in queue…for the only life source..
Is it wealth they are asking?
They are asking life
Horrendous life in clutches of pollution
Cycled and re-cycled
Used and abused
By every value system
Known and unknown..
Haves have it all
Wasting endlessly
Have-nots tied in knots
Waiting patiently
Getting suffocated…
Of poverty and pollution
Of water and life …
Generations suffering…
          Mutilated body…mitigated mind
             Imprisoned lives with polluted disability
        Countries on war…
           For the wealth of water…
             To quench the thirst
               But it’s always a quest
               Unanswered ..vaguely answered
                Covered by water in and out
               Still water is scarce
               But….who cares????

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