Thursday, 15 March 2018


Rani Durgawati
Date of Birth:-
Date of Death:-
Place of Birth:India
When Dalpat shah, the ruler of Gondwana (present day Madya Pradesh), died in 1548 his infant son Bir Narayan become the ruler. Rani Durgawati took up the reins of governance on behalf of her son and administered the Kingdom most ably and benevolently for 16 years from 1548 to 1564. Gondwana, however, fell a victim to the aggressive designs of the Moghal Emperor Akbar of Delhi in 1564. He ordered his general Asaf Khan to occupy Gondawana. Rani Durgawati led her forces against the invading army and fought with great skill and bravery. Ultimately when her defeat become imminent she plunged her dagger into herself choosing death to dishonour.

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