Thursday, 15 March 2018


Rani Gaidinliu
Date of Birth:1915
Date of Death:Feb 17, 1993
Place of Birth:Manipur
Born in Nangkao village of Manipur she came in contact with the political and spiritual leader of the Nagas Haripau Jadonang who started a movement to drive away the British from Manipur. When Jadonang was hanged by the British Gaidinliu took over the leadership and challenged the Britishers. The British Govt. tried to suppress her movement. She went underground. The army made a house to house search and finally captured her in 1932 and sentenced her to life imprisonment. Jawaharlal Nehru called her "Rani of the Nagas" for her indomitable spirit and aggressive fight against the British. She spent more than 15 years in jail and was released only after Independence. She was honoured with Tamrapatra and Padma Bhushan. She died on 17-02-1993.

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