Thursday, 15 March 2018


Rani Rashmoni
Date of Birth:1793
Date of Death:1861
Place of Birth:India

Born in a poor family she was married into a wealthy zamindar family of Calcutta. After the death of her husband the management of zamindari fell on her shoulders and she showed great managerial skill and leadership in her new role. Rani Rasmoni's nationalist outlook brought her in direct confrontation with the British rulers and each time and every time she had her way and the British could not prevail upon her. She was extremely religious and led an austere life. Construction of the temple complex on the banks of the Ganges, a number of bathing ghats on the river, a road from the Subarnarekha river to Puri for the benefit of the pilgrims and substantial contribution to the then Imperial Llibrary (now National Library) and Hindu College (now Presidency College) bear testimony to her benevolence.

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