Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Shernaaz Engineer
Date of Birth:-
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Place of Birth:India

Shernaaz Engineer began her career as a journalist in the mid-1990s, writing on Mumbai life, women's issues, and television. In 1997, she won a US Government fellowship to spend a month at various universities across America as part of an international study group on women's rights. She started out at the State Department for Women at Washington DC, and went on to the University of California, the State University of IOWA, Rutgers, the University of Rochester, finally spending a week at the United Nations Women's Commission in New York. She counts it as an amazing experience and wrote prolifically about it. Shernaaz later went on to work freelance as a columnist and writer, writing weekly columns on the social landscape of Mumbai's movers and shakers, and wrote a 'Page 3' column for the Bombay Times - the bastion of the Mumbai 'masala' zone. She also wrote freelance for Verve, the Taj Magazine, and many others. Then followed a stint as Editor of a fashion and lifestyle magazine, Oomph! that prompted her to start her own publishing company, Zaanrehs Publishers. She continues to work full time in writing and publishing.

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