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Located in the South-Western fringe of the Indian Subcontinent, the district of Aurangabad lies in the state of Maharashtra. The district covers a total area of about 10,100 square km and is located mainly in the Godavari basin. The two main rivers running through this district are the Godavari and the Tapti. The district is well connected by Air, Roads, and Railways. Aurangabad Airport popularly known as the Chikalthana airport is the main domestic airport here. The city is a famous tourist destination and the main attractions of the place are the caves at Ajanta and Ellora, which are among the UNESCO World Heritage list in India. 

The Ajanta caves were constructed between 200 BC and 600 AD while the Ellora caves were constructed in the 7th Century AD. These caves not only provided home to the ascetics during the monsoons, but also promoted the rich heritage and culture of the period. According to the Historians, the modern city was founded in 1610 AD by Malik Amber, the minister of the Nizam of Ahmednagar, who was the then ruler of Deccan. Initially the city was named Fatehpura. The current name of "Aurangabad" was given to the city probably during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, who made Aurangabad his residence in 1681 AD. Aurangabad is a beautiful city surrounded by hills on all sides. The special attractions of the city are its cave temples. The city also has a replica of the Taj Mahal - Bibi ka Maqbara, which is the mausoleum built by Aurangzeb for his wife. 

Auangabad today is a renowned Industrial area and is divided into four zones - Chikalthana, Waluj, Chitegaon and Shendra. The major industrial sectors in the city are the automotive, auto components, pharmaceuticals, and breweries. Due to the rich heritage of Aurangabad, the city has a legacy of superb handicrafts. The beauty of Paithani silk saris, silver inlay craft of Bidri, and the beautifully woven silk Himru and Mushru cast their spells on visitors. The city has rich and beautiful gardens which will definitely make your tour at Aurangabad a memorable one. The city also has a large number of star and budget hotels which cater to the accommodation and dining needs of the tourists. The tourist can choose from among these hotels based on their taste and purse. 

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