Saturday, 3 March 2018

TODAY'S KALAM Nepal Summer Packages For Indians

Nepal Summer Packages For Indians
Nepal boasts of many natural assets as well as man made architectural wonders. Tourism in Nepal is one of the biggest sources of revenue and foreign exchange in the country. From mountains and valleys, rivers and forests, museums and temples as well as flora and fauna, Nepal tourism has everything. You can log on to to find out about various Nepal packages. 

You can choose from a number of Nepal packages. There are tour packages of Nepal which take you on a tour of the historical monuments, museums, temples and Pagodas in Nepal. For the more adventurous ones there are trekking packages, water rafting packages, mountaineering packages, wild life tour packages and jungle safaris. If you want a bit of everything, there are specific tailor made packages for you to choose from as well. Accommodation and transportation facilities are generally included in the tour packages of Nepal. 

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