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Reaching Maldives
Maldives is more like a paradise on earth. 26 atolls together on the Indian Ocean are known as Maldives. Some of the activities which are quite prominent at Maldives are the night fishing trips, wind surfing and scuba diving. The islands too are so immensely beautiful that you will find it difficult to tear yourself from there. Even if you do not indulge in the adventure sports, you can spend time just by relaxing on the beaches or soaking up the sun. Exquisite marine life is also another of the tourist attractions of Maldives. You can watch almost all the species of whales and dolphins out here at Maldives. All these factors have made it emerge as an ideal tourist destination. So if you are wondering how to reach Maldives, you can rest your mind at peace, as it is very connected by different means of transportation. 
Transporation in Maldives
How to reach Maldives by Air: 
Almost all the visitors at Maldives prefer to travel by air to reach this place. Generally all the flights arrive at Male International Airport which is situated on the Hulhule Island, very near to the capital Male. Several flights from Sri Lanka, India, Dubai and other major airports in South-East Asia are connected to this airport. Not only this, you can also avail chartered flights from this airport. Many chartered flights from Europe can be seen here. On the way, many of these flights stop at Colombo in Sri Lanka. Another airport, Gan Airport, located on the southern atoll of Addu is also supposed to receive international flights soon.You can also visit the far flung areas in Maldives by availing the services of the Maldivian Air Taxi. 

How to reach Maldives by Sea: 
You can travel to Maldives even by availing the water route. Various private ships and yacht offer services to Maldives. Taxi boats are also available for commuting the tourists to and fro from the islands which are in the North and South Male atolls. On the Maldives Island the boats serve the purpose of the cars. 

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